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School of Divinity Faculty

Corné J. Bekker, D.Litt. et Phil.
Dean, School of DivinityDirector of Th.M & Ph.D. ProgramsProfessor757.352.4258


If I could have a one-on-one conversation with you, I would want to know the narrative of your calling and the dream that God has put in you for His kingdom advancement. Only then would I ask you how you think our school can help bring that to pass for you and through you. We believe that you are fearfully and wonderfully made according to Psalm 139. That requires us to know your design, desires, dreams and sense of destiny in order to serve you well.

I know for certain that our faculty care about you as much as they educate you. Their success is your success. As a multi-denominational divinity school, we stand apart from other seminaries because of the strength and diversity of our distinguished faculty and students who come from many church families and traditions.

Our curriculum is biblically based, Christ-centered and prioritizes the renewing work of the Holy Spirit. We have forged new paths in providing accredited nontraditional ministry education program formats that allow our students to pursue their degree while remaining in their ministry context. Our graduates are at work passionately around the world ministering in churches, the marketplace, the public square and other domains.

The Regent University School of Divinity will prepare you for a multi-ethnic, multicultural and multigenerational ministry. Here, you will experience academic excellence that reflects the mind of Christ, and enjoy learning best practices to help you serve with the heart of the Father.

At the heart of the School of Divinity is a distinguished faculty and talented staff devoted to glorifying Jesus Christ through their service to you. Our faculty includes both scholars and practitioners — leaders experienced in the understanding of Scripture and its application to effective ministry. As a prospective or current student, you will find our staff ready to assist you with the application process, degree planning or any of the particulars related to graduation. We look forward to serving you.

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Corné J. Bekker, D.Litt. et Phil.
Dean, School of DivinityDirector of Th.M & Ph.D. ProgramsProfessor757.352.4258
Ewen Butler, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Matisha Dentu, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
James Flynn, D.Min.
Associate Dean of Instruction & OperationsDirector of D.Min. ProgramAssociate Professor757.352.4527
Leroy Gilbert, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Mark A. Jumper, Ph.D.
Director of Chaplaincy & Military AffairsAssociate Professor757.352.4903
Greg Kame, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
John-Paul Lotz, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Boniface Odong, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Lawrence Oseje, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Derek Ross, D.Min.
Assistant Professor
Kevin Spawn, D.Phil.
Director of Master's ProgramsAssociate Professor757.352.4409
Carrie Wood, Ph.D.
Director of the Master of Divinity ProgramsAssistant Professor


Kyle Bauer, D.Min.
Jeffrey Beck, D.Min.
Patrick Bopp, D.Min.
Geoffrey Butler, Ph.D.
Dana Cavallaro, D.Min.
Kristina Chalfin, D.Min.
Diane J. Chandler, Ph.D.
Jason Davila, D.Ed.Min.
Melissa Davis, Ph.D.
Nicole Davis, Ph.D.
Miguel Endara, Ph.D.
Margaret Fletcher, D.Min.
Joy Francis, D.Min.
Caroline Franks, D.Min.
Matthew Fretwell, D.Min.
Ronald Gavin, D.Min.
Julie Geddes, D.Min.
Esther Gillie, D.Min., Ph.D.
Raymond Houk, D.Min.
James Johansen, Ph.D.
Benjamin Keltz, Ph.D.
Joel Mattsson-Boze, Ph.D.
John McCloud, D.Min.
Steven Moses, D.Min.
Kevin Myatt, D.Min.
Allyson Nance, Ph.D.
Seth Osborne, Ph.D.
Paul Palma, Ph.D.
James Pennington, D.Min.
Jeremy Perigo, D.W.S.
Markus Pfeiffer, D.Min.
David Quackenbos, Ph.D.
Brandon Reddell, Ph.D.
Adrian Rosen, Ph.D.
Samuel Smith, Ph.D.
Dalton Stoltz, D.Min.
Jonathan Taylor, Ph.D.
Daniel Thompson, D.Min.
Daniel Topf, Ph.D.
Steve Vandegriff, D.Min.
William Victor, Ph.D.
Steven Willing, Ph.D.

Instructional Team Member

Matthew Chandler, M.Div.
Joshua Nangle, D.Min.