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Regent University School of Divinity is one of the fastest growing seminaries in USA.

Center for Renewal Studies

The Center for Renewal Studies is a bridge between the academic world, the church, and the broader public. It is a cross-over organization that promotes the mutual exchange of ideas from a biblical, theological, and global perspective and with an interdisciplinary focus on the growing significance of the worldwide renewal movements. The operation of the Center is an extension of the Regent University School of Divinity’s emphasis on Renewal Studies, which pursues a methodological approach to global Christian engagement with discourses in the academy, church, and world as informed by critical reflection derived from charismatic movements and their practices throughout the history of God’s people. Taking seriously this approach, the Center extends the intentions of the programs and the mission of the School of Divinity beyond the academic realm, including a resource center, a public blog, public lecture series, seminars, exchange of visiting scholars from various disciplines, and sponsorship of other professional events and other venues related to the promotion of renewal (see figure 1).

Renewal Dynamics is the official blog of the Regent University School of Divinity and its Center for Renewal Studies. Through a team blog approach, it endeavors to generate, facilitate, and perpetuate meaningful dialogues pertinent to the renewal movement in the church, in the academy, and across the world. These dialogues, often from charismatic and Pentecostal perspectives, will explore the renewing work of the Holy Spirit in the areas of theology, biblical studies, history, ministry, evangelism, missions, and spiritual formation.

Renewal Dynamics welcomes a diverse, participating readership comprised of students, alumni, scholars, ministers, missionaries, and anyone with an authentic desire to participate in these relevant conversations. See

Facebook Group
The Regent Center for Renewal Studies focuses on the transforming work of the Holy Spirit across churches, disciplines, and all realms of life. The Facebook group offers news and discussion about the activities of the Center, including its annual conference on Renewal theology, its public blog “Renewal Dynamics,” and publications. This group is open to the public and offers discussions and conversations among members on the topic of Renewal. Join the group at