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Learn about the performing arts and music programs offered by Regent University online and in Virginia Beach, VA 23464.

Theatre Arts

The Performing Arts & Music division seeks to express life’s most profound truths as deposited in music and drama, and through the power and passion of live performance. We train artists who share our vision and desire to have a positive and spirit-filled impact upon the professional stage and the various venues throughout the local community and the Church. Whether you sing, act, direct, dance or write, our programs will stretch you to where your gifts can be best developed and used.

Regent Theatre Season

The Regent University Theatre has been serving our local community for 30+ years by providing inspiring and thought-provoking entertainment of the highest caliber. Seasonal productions range from Broadway musicals and the classics to touching dramas and modern comedies. Audiences are delighted as they watch emerging young artists bring these stories to life.

Guest Speakers

Regent University’s School of Communication & The Arts seeks to serve as a creative and spiritually uplifting place where people connect with others who are working in media and the performing arts. Each year, it welcomes an amazing cast of industry professionals. On the pages below, you will discover a few of the many artists and professionals who have shared their lives and experiences with us. 

Distinguished Alumni

“My Regent learning experience helped inform my perspective on clients, products, the work environment and competitors, which heavily influences the work that I do.”

Shé Langley, M.A., 2011 Digital Media

“My identity isn’t in whether or not I get a role; what’s important is that I’m being a good witness, that I’m being a light and loving support to other actors.”

Ashley Dakin, MFA, 2013

“Regent has been very supportive. They do what it can to help get good work noticed and out there.”

Beecher Reuning, MFA, 2015

“It is more of an amazing example of what God has for us when we allow Him to take the reins and trust that what He has in store is far better than what we can imagine for ourselves.”

Loni Albertson, MFA, 2007 Custom Animation Production Supervisor for Marketing, Illumination Entertainment

“The professors here never allowed me to settle for good, always pushing me towards giving my best.”

Padmakshi "Paddy" Parkhe, M.A., 2011 Journalism