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Regent Family Pitches in For One of Its Own

Mike with his new wheels at his home in St. Augustine, Florida.

The holidays are not only a time of rest, rejuvenation, and reflection before the new year, but also one of giving back and employing compassion toward those with the greatest need. Few communities are quite as filled to the brim with compassion as Regent University, which operates in accordance with Romans 12:10, “Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves.”

This past November, the Regent School of Business & Leadership family came together to support one of their own, Michael Gray. After Michael “Mike” Gray earned his M.A. in Management at Regent University in 1993, he went on to serve in the School of Business for several years, recruiting, teaching, and advising students.

Throughout his tenure, Mike’s unceasing selflessness, coupled with his faithful walk with the Lord and personal integrity, touched the hearts of students and faculty alike. But when he was diagnosed with a life-threatening liver disease that required an immediate transplant, his career was cut short. With the Lord’s blessing, a colleague and fellow Regent alum risked his life by donating a portion of his own liver to save Mike’s life in 2001.

While the transplant granted him a new lease on life, the disease had left his body significantly weakened, resulting in his early retirement from Regent. Yet, twenty-three years later, Mike has beaten the odds and is thankful for the past few decades his transplant has granted him. In recent years, Mike has experienced numerous health struggles as a result of stage 4 cirrhosis and the side effects of the many post-transplant medications he has taken.

Despite his lingering health complications, Mike continues to sing his praises to the Lord and remains grateful for all the blessings he has received. He has also stayed unwavering in his faith and steadfast in his willingness to help others and provide them with a powerful testimony of what it’s like to walk with God.

The year 2023 was particularly difficult for Mike and his wife, Carolyn, who have struggled with their finances as a result of Mike’s health needs and his frequent hospital visits. In addition, simple tasks like taking a walk or running errands can be physically taxing for him. Despite his strength and resilience, he still needs a lot of help.

Mike received more help than he ever expected when 10 friends from the Regent family, including alumni and current and former faculty and staff members, pitched in to make a major difference in his life. On November 21st, Mike walked out to his driveway and was surprised to find a beautiful, newly reconditioned golf cart waiting for him to slide behind the wheel.

Mike’s chauffer and friend Ken Overman proudly displaying the new cart.

While the gesture was small, the impact has been huge. Thanks to the kindness of his Regent family, Mike now has more freedom to move around his community, socialize with friends, and regain a sense of independence. Although he can no longer exercise his passion for preaching, mentoring, and teaching, his spirits have been lifted by the simple act of getting out of the house to drive around the neighborhood and to the beach that he loves so much.

Meanwhile, friends and former colleagues continue to pray for Mike to dwell in God’s peace and joy until he is healed enough to get back to doing what he loves, and, due in part to their generosity, he and Carolyn have been able to keep their home and continue funding his medical expenses.

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