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Meet 2LT Whitney Matthis

Whitney Mathis Regent University Inspiring Alumni

Regent University’s Military Resource Center is proud of our military service members and reservists serving around the world.

Second Lieutenant Whitney Mathis is currently assigned to an Army Reserves unit, the 926th Engineer Brigade, located in Montgomery, Alabama, and serving as a Chaplain Candidate. Mathis talked to Regent in October 2020 about her military legacy and passion to see a move of God on the earth. Learn more, and celebrate with us the work of our Regent military community.

How long have you served and what made you decide to join the military?

I received a direct commission to the U.S. Army Reserves in the rank of Second Lieutenant on April 10, 2019. My father, Bobby Mathis, LTC (Ret.) had the special honor of swearing me in. That is a day I’ll forever treasure with fond remembrance. Both my parents are retired military officers (Alabama Army National Guard), so you could say the camo is engrained in my DNA.

What are your plans with your degree?

The decision to pursue a military career came as a result of my prayerfully discerning a clear call from God to join the ministry, specifically through military chaplaincy during this time. It is the ideal way I feel God is leading me through a life of service— outpouring His Holy Spirit’s love and help, in order to teach and preach the Bible’s Gospel message to people outside the four walls of the institutional church setting. My interest lies within proudly serving both my country through civil service and my Lord, Jesus Christ, through Christian ministry. Military chaplaincy, for me, is a balanced combination of each aspect.

Whitney Mathis Regent University Inspiring Alumni

How will you personify Christian Leadership to Change the World?

During the newly graduated chapter of my life, I’ll be heading to the Army Reserve’s Chaplain Basic Officer Leadership Course in Fort Jackson, South Carolina for three months during the Fall. With my Master of Divinity degree, I plan to pursue the Lord’s will for my life and ministry, whether that means a bi-vocational, civilian ministry while possibly embarking upon yet another journey through higher education (like law school), or going all-in with a full-time ministerial calling. I do feel a leading to the legal and political inner-workings of our nation’s justice system and governmental processes. I remain so excited about the future as God continues to sovereignly open doors of opportunity, using me to advance His Kingdom on this earth. As God brings to pass all the plans written for me in His book of my life, as well as the fruition of countless prophetic words spoken over me, I’m passionate about obedience and service to the Lord, reformation, holiness, purity— and I’m hungry to see and partner with Holy Spirit for a massive move of God in this earth!

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