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Celebrating the Life of Matthew Michael Krivich, III

The late Matthew Michael Krivich, III, was a loving husband, father, community leader, and overcomer. Born and raised in northeast Ohio, Matthew’s story is one of unrelenting servant leadership and dedication to advancing God’s kingdom, even in the face of adversity.  

In a speech to his church, Grace Church Olmstead Falls, Matthew, in his own words, described how he came into Christ.

Matthew had what he described as a “perfect childhood” until a series of events, including his parents’ divorce, a house fire, and complications from his mother’s surgery, caused him to become an angry and bitter young man.

Caught in the pain he was going through, Matthew became addicted to heroin, homeless, and suicidal.

“But God came through,” Matthew recalled. A local pastor and church offered him the love and support he needed during that tumultuous time, helping him to enter a Christian recovery program. From there, his life was forever transformed.

“I had a false image of who God was; I didn’t pray very much. But when I was in the program I learned that God was different. It was in this place that I learned about Jesus and finally met a living, loving, and holy God,” he said.  

After completing the program, Matthew began a 13-year career at The Bowery Mission in New York City, a faith-based nonprofit organization that provides individuals experiencing homelessness with meals, shelter, and compassionate services.

He had just started interning at the organization when life threw a curveball, and he had to face charges in Ohio that were brought against him during his time of addiction. During his six months in prison, his relationship with God only grew stronger.

“As I arrived at prison, I was horrified by what I saw, but I trusted God and His plan for me. I used my time to immerse myself in God’s word and pray continually. This was a perfect environment to be drawn closer to God and to see Him in a bright and new light in such darkness,” he said.

Upon his release, Matthew was blessed to resume his internship. He would go on to become The Bowery Mission’s director of operations and community relations. One of the projects he spearheaded was the creation of a rooftop garden, which allowed the individuals served by the mission to spend time gardening and enjoy locally grown food.

Throughout his time at The Bowery Mission, Matthew acted as a beacon of light, overseeing a tremendous expansion, helping serve hundreds of meals a day to those in need, and ensuring that the medical care and emergency shelter available were of the highest quality. His belief was that it takes not only a village, but a whole city, to address the issue of homelessness.

Matthew Michael Krivich, III, Posthumous Graduate of Regent University
Matthew Michael Krivich, III, Posthumous Graduate of Regent University
Matthew Michael Krivich, III, Posthumous Graduate of Regent University
Matthew Michael Krivich, III, Posthumous Graduate of Regent University
Matthew Michael Krivich, III, Posthumous Graduate of Regent University
Matthew Michael Krivich, III, Posthumous Graduate of Regent University

He met his wife, Anya, in 2013 and moved back to Ohio a few years later.   

Despite a Stage 3B colon cancer diagnosis shortly after enrolling in his studies at Regent University in 2017, Matthew continued to persevere and live life to the fullest, learning as much as he could in the program and even running in a few marathons.

“Matthew transformed pain into passion, channeling his energy into his studies with such dedication that he not only completed his scholastic requirements but also graced the dean’s list,” Anya stated.

Just before he was set to graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in Leadership Studies, Matthew passed away from his illness.

“He shared with everyone he could about how God saved him from years of addiction, and he was an inspiration to everyone he met. They always sent him to meet with donors or to speak with the news team—he had a wonderful personality, and everyone liked him right away,” Anya recalled.

After Matthew’s passing, Regent University surprised the Krivich family with an invitation to participate in the graduation ceremony on May 4 on the Virginia Beach campus. 

Dr. Josh McMullen, Dean of Regent University’s College of Arts & Sciences, was moved by the opportunity to honor Matthew’s life and legacy in a special one-on-one ceremony.

That day, Matthew’s four-year-old son, Daniel, proudly donned a miniature cap and gown and walked across the stage to receive his father’s posthumous degree. Dr. McMullen commemorated the special occasion with pictures of the two, so Daniel would always have the memory of his father and his accomplishment.

“He was my friend, my counselor, and my inspiration. I still deeply grieve his passing away, and going to the graduation ceremony was not only honoring him and creating memories for my four-year-old son, but also healing for me. As I watched the graduates walk down the lane, I couldn’t help but keep imagining Matthew’s happy face as he would have gone with all the graduates,” Anya recalled.

Matthew Krivich will be remembered as a testament to the special ways God works in people’s lives, and he will continue to inspire the many whose lives he touched throughout his life.

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