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Helping Emerging Leaders Thrive in an Uncertain World

Dr. Daryl Green Regent University Notable Alumnus

When was the last time you met a modern-day Renaissance man?

Meet Dr. Daryl Green (SBL ’09). He’s a professor, engineer, entrepreneur, author, poet, artist, marketer, consultant, producer, manager, ordained deacon, and personal coach.

With a playful tone, Green also shares, “I also teach ballroom dancing and Latin dancing.”

Green somehow makes it look easy to skillfully operate in a variety of fields simultaneously. His wide-ranging knowledge is a testimony of his love for learning. It’s also an example of how to engage in a purposeful life through curiosity and a can-do spirit.

Green’s enthusiasm is part of his charm — and a key ingredient for inspiring others. A beloved leader in his community, he runs with perseverance and has the character to prove it.

“In 2015, I applied for 169 jobs,” quips Green. “I had this desire to do something different. God brought me to Oklahoma Baptist University after a mentor/co-author, Dr. Gary Roberts, at Regent University helped me realize full-time teaching was the change I needed.”


Green is not one to slow down, not even during a pandemic. He’s used this time of social distancing to develop and launch new studies, webinars and initiatives. “This coronavirus should teach leaders to be more strategic. You’ve got to see past the current struggle so that you can seize new opportunities,” he says.

“With COVID-19, there’s a lot of unemployment, so my focus is on economic development in a digital economy,” Green explains. “I’ve been working with my colleagues, students and church to create opportunities for people during this crisis.”

“I’m the first African American to serve in the Dickinson School of Business. I’m positioned to not only reach out to underserved communities — African Americans, Latinos — but to serve as a mentor.”

Green has also been speaking about the coronavirus’s impact on topics such as “How to Build Strategic Alliances During Times of Uncertainty” and “The Coronavirus Effect: Leadership in a Volatile World.”

In new collaborative research, “Cultivating the Entrepreneurial Mindset in Today’s Small Liberal Colleges & Universities” offers colleges’ solutions during COVID-19. Green says the pandemic has “led to disruptive changes in academia.” He encourages leaders to cultivate the entrepreneurial mindset as it “infuses innovative thinking when difficult problems arise” and will help with “long-term sustainability.”

In his newest and most relevant research, “Mapping Disruption in Higher Education: The New Faculty Model,” published by American Research Journal of Business and Management, Green concludes the results of his research “can better assist administrators, faculty and practitioners on how to inject innovative thinking to produce sustainability education for small liberal arts colleges and universities.”

Green also led a team of OBU Business College researchers in a project titled “The Disruptiveness of Technology: A Case Study Analysis of Google Dominance.” The findings were published in the widely respected Management and Economics Research Journal.

“As we deal with troublesome forces like COVID-19, organizations are forced to operate remotely. Having a digital footprint is essential. Google is an industry leader in the digital economy. Our research contributes to this digital knowledge,” advises Green.

Green lives an intentional life of faith and is not jarred easily, not even by these extraordinary times. “I’m going to break it down: No matter the problems we have or the challenges we face, we’ve got to trust God.”


Green loves to share his knowledge and experiences to help others grow and thrive. He integrates professional training with essential life lessons from his humble beginnings growing up in Shreveport, Indiana.

He credits his father for instilling in him “a strong work ethic” and the confidence to “always know your worth.” Referencing I Corinthians 10:31, he takes to heart what his mother always challenged him to do: “Whatever you do, do it right. Do it all for the glory of God.”

“I love giving back to others, and I’m passionate about grooming the next generation of leaders who will impact our country, says Green. “I train my students to be innovative and how to create opportunities.

He also offers frank advice and is a reality checker for his students: “I’ve told them, they’ve got to hustle in this changing, competitive world.”

“I’m going to break it down: No matter the problems we have or the challenges we face, we’ve got to trust God.”

Right now, he’s teaching MBA and entrepreneur classes online. He’s also mentoring students who are performing work for companies across the country.

“I’m the first African American to serve in the Dickinson School of Business. I’m positioned to not only reach out to underserved communities — African Americans, Latinos — but to serve as a mentor,” Green says.

“I’ve mentored students who many would have overlooked. I had this one athlete with a 1.6 GPA,” Green shares. “With guidance, mentoring, and hands-on consulting experience, he was able to turn his life around like many of the emerging leaders I help.”

Green is also working with his church to integrate academic-level training to those desiring to advance as an entrepreneur. “There are many people who are not able to go to college for one reason or the other, but who can benefit significantly from this type of training.


Green earned his Doctor of Strategic Leadership (DSL) degree from Regent University’s School of Business & Leadership. His interest in Regent came at a time when he “felt there was more.” He says he was surfing the web for doctoral programs when he “came across a degree that resonated” with his spirit.

“Regent’s DSL program description spoke to me because it not only focused on research but solving problems as a consultant,” says Green. “The idea of earning this doctoral degree stuck with me, and in 2005, I made the life-changing decision to come to Regent.”

“You can get an education anywhere, but if you want a Christian experience without compromising quality, you’ll discover what I did: This is the place. I felt at home there.”

Green stresses the importance of discovering your purpose. “Regent was a part of helping me discover my purpose.” He says his educational experience prepared him for what he’s doing now.

“For anyone who feels life has passed them by, with God, you can find your purpose — even after retirement,” Green encourages. In his book Mapping Out Life After Retirement: 100+ Ways to Pursue Your Purpose, he notes many are unprepared for retirement, and not just financially. He credits Regent for being instrumental in his development as he pivoted from retirement to a more impactful life.


Green is the vice president of AG Strategic Management, LLC, based in Knoxville, Tennessee. He’s also a professor and the chair in the Paul Dickinson College of Business at Oklahoma Baptist University. A respected researcher, he’s published more than 15 articles in well-known academic journals. His primary research areas include leadership, management, culture, and decision-making.

In 2016, Green retired from the Department of Energy, where he worked in the Environmental Management Program for over 27 years. Before his 30th birthday, he had already managed over 400 projects, estimated at $100 million. He has spent decades assisting organizations and individuals with making smart decisions.

Green has been noted and quoted by USA Today, Ebony Magazine, and the Associated Press. He has contributed to several publications as a guest columnist, including Knoxville News Sentinel, Knoxville Enlightener, Discovery Magazine, Shawnee Star, and IEEE Technology and Society Magazine.

Green is an award-winning writer. For his literary contribution to society, he was recognized as one of the first recipients of the Amber Communications Group, Inc./Blacks in Government – Greater Orange County Chapter’s Annual Literary Awards. He is the author of several books and writes a syndicated online column on contemporary issues.

Before earning his DSL from Regent University, Green received a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Southern University and an M.A. in Organizational Management from Tusculum College. Additionally, he has taken advanced graduate studies in marketing from Southern New Hampshire University and digital marketing certification from the University of Vermont. He is a past talk show host, a nationally recognized lecturer, nationally syndicated columnist, and personal advisor.

His mission is to promote and encourage the continued growth of small businesses, public and nonprofit sectors of society, and the international sectors, to be faithful stewards of the Great Commission and leave a positive legacy for the next generation of diverse entrepreneurs.

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