Minor – History

College of Arts & Sciences

Students choosing the Minor in History must take:

HIST 150 Introduction to History (3)

HIST 308 Revolutionary and Constitutional History, 1763-1800 (3) or HIST 394 History of the Cold War (3)

HIST 401 Historiography and Research Methods of History (3)

In addition, students must choose two (2) courses from the following:

HIST 201 U.S. History I (3)

HIST 202 U.S. History II (3)

HIST 205 Western Civilization I (3)

HIST 206 Western Civilization II (3)

HIST 211 World History I (3)

HIST 212 World History II (3)

Plus two courses chosen from each of two of the three historical areas (American; Ancient, Medieval, and European; and Non-Western History).

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