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Operation Blessing at work: Pursue your master’s in international development at Regent University.

M.A. in International Development

Accelerate Your Global Impact Through a Master’s in International Development

Are you ready to transform the world through a Christian worldview? Regent’s Master of Arts in International Development will prepare you to improve economic, social and political conditions globally. You will gain highly marketable skills in program evaluation, policy oversight and analysis, and economic growth and trade. You will also be equipped to work with governmental, nonprofit and faith-based organizations to lead humanitarian disaster response and anti-poverty efforts within the U.S. and abroad. This program is delivered fully online with some on-campus courses available.

January 10, 2022
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Gain Hands-On Experience

Enjoy real-world training through project-focused internship opportunities with partner organizations.

Increase Your Network

Join our global alumni of government officials, advocates, consultants, and policymakers who are changing the world.

Make an Impact

Assist in the development of on-the-ground international development projects that give hope to communities in need.

Align Yourself with Excellence

Regent, based in Virginia Beach, VA, has been ranked among Top National Universities by the U.S. News & World Report for two consecutive years (2019 & 2020). We have also been recognized as a Military Friendly Top 10 School by Military Friendly, 2020; and among the Top 10 Best for Vets Colleges: Online & Nontraditional by Military Times, 2020. Experience the Regent difference through the master’s in international development program.

To learn more about this program, please complete the Request Information form on this page.

On completing the master’s in international development, you will be able to:

  • Gain real-world experience in key aspects of international development.
  • Lead humanitarian efforts and proven international development strategies.
  • Apply faith-based development models to promote sustainable human flourishing.
  • Present academic research through peer reviewed journals and other mediums to mitigate human conflict and suffering.


  • Government Agency Program Officer
  • Country Program Specialist
  • Government Relations Advisor
  • Missions-Focused Development Director
  • Policy Analyst/Program Officer
Students will participate in a practical development project or related opportunity, in conjunction with faculty and partner organizations, consistent with their eventual career goals and the mission of the international development degree and RSG. Prerequisite: Complete Core Curriculum (18 credits).

Qualitative and quantitative reasoning, the basic principles of the philosophy of science, and positivist and reflexivist approaches to knowledge creation.

Offers a biblical perspective of the religious, philosophical, and cultural foundations of Western civilization.
Covers basic aspects of religion and international politics, including religion’s relationship to state power, international religious freedom, inter-state and intra-state religious conflict, and religion’s relationship to international human rights and economic development. There are also strong connections with relevant scriptural principles.
Overview of development and role of political parties within political institutions, from an American and international perspective.
Analyzes the nature and character of democracy and democratic institutions, compares theoretical approaches to democratization and political development, and analyzes practical case studies.

A multi-disciplinary study of international and multinational social, political, and economic problems from a Comparative and international perspective.

2021-22 Semester Check-In Deadlines

All new students are expected to check-in for the semester two weeks before the session start date. Students should apply, be accepted, enroll in their first courses, and confirm a plan to pay for their courses prior to this date.

SessionSemester Check-InSession Start Date
Session AFriday, August 13Monday, August 23
Session MFriday, September 10Monday, September 20
Session BFriday, October 15Monday, October 25
Session CTuesday, December 21Monday, January 10
Session TFriday, January 28Monday, February 7
Session DFriday, March 4Monday, March 14
Session EFriday, April 29Monday, May 9
Session FFriday, June 10Monday, June 20

Admissions Requirements

Step 1: Apply to Regent University

Step 2: Complete Your Admissions Questionnaire

  • After you submit your application, you will receive a link to complete the required admissions questionnaire.

Step 3: Submit Your Unofficial College Transcripts

  • Email your unofficial college transcripts to using the subject line: Unofficial Transcripts.
  • Upon conditional acceptance, Regent University will attempt to obtain your official transcripts from your U.S. degree-granting institution.
  • International transcripts must be evaluated by an NACES-approved company.

Step 4: Submit Your Government-Issued ID

  • Email a photo of your government-issued ID to using the subject line: Government ID.
  • Please note that all items submitted as part of the application process become the property of Regent University and cannot be returned.


DegreeTuition Cost Per Credit HourAverage Credit Hours Per SemesterAverage Tuition Per Semester
Master of Arts (MA)$6756$4,050
Master of Arts in Public Administration (MPA)$6756$4,050

Full-Time Students

DegreeTuition Cost Per Credit HourAverage Credit Hours Per SemesterAverage Tuition Per Semester
Master of Arts (MA)$6759$6,075
Master of Arts in Public Administration (MPA)$6759$6,075

Student Fees Per Semester

University Services Fee (On-Campus Students)$800
University Services Fee (Online Students)$650

Part-Time Students

DegreeTuition Cost Per Credit HourAverage Credit Hours Per SemesterAverage Tuition Per Semester
Master of Arts (MA)$6756$4,050
Master of Arts in Public Administration (MPA)$6756$4,050

Full-Time Students

DegreeTuition Cost Per Credit HourAverage Credit Hours Per SemesterAverage Tuition Per Semester
Master of Arts (MA)$6759$6,075
Master of Arts in Public Administration (MPA)$6759$6,075

Student Fees Per Semester

University Services Fee (On-Campus Students)$750
University Services Fee (Online Students)$600

*Rates are subject to change at any time.

Estimated Cost of Attendance: View the estimated cost of attendance to see an example of the total cost of tuition and fees.

Ann Buwalda, Regent University alumna.

When it comes to taking down giants, Ann Buwalda has quite a few tools in her belt. “Prayer and relationship with God give you the faith that you need to conquer your giant.” Buwalda has been slaying “giants” since 1991 as executive director of Jubilee Campaign USA, a nonprofit that focuses on international religious freedom and advocating for the release of prisoners of conscience; aiding in the resettlement of refugees seeking asylum; and combatting human trafficking — including protecting vulnerable women and children and providing support to victims. Read about her work.

Kenton Lee, a 2010 graduate of Regent’s School of Business & Leadership, is the founder and executive director of Because International, a nonprofit company that provides adjustable shoes to accommodate a child’s growing feet. On a mission trip to Kenya eight years ago, Lee’s heart broke when he saw orphans struggling to cram their feet into shoes they had outgrown. One of the girls “actually had to cut open the front of her shoes to let her toes stick out. … Most of the kids had shoes that didn’t fit.” Read about “The Shoe That Grows.”

Whether you are a prospective student or a current student, your questions matter. Please take a few moments to skim our Frequently Asked Questions. If you cannot find the answer to your question, please contact us.

“If I hadn’t gone to Regent, I’m not sure I would be ready for all of this responsibility right now. ”

Brittany Finch, B.A. in Religious Studies, 2008 Business Owner

“"If I had to choose one highlight of my time at Regent, it would be my working experience with my professor as a research assistant. Working with him has taught me first-hand how to honor God with my mind."”

Nathan Gill, M.A. in Government, 2013

“I would recommend Regent's counseling programs to anyone who wants a deeper understanding of others and of themselves.”

Karen Palmer, M.A., 2011 Human Services

“I looked at other institutions, but I understood the importance of a Christ-centered focus, and I wanted that to be a part of my graduate experience.”

Cheryl C. Askew, Ed.D., 2012 Principal, Landstown High School

“I graduated from Regent University with a B.A. in Animation. My journey was joyous and I’m glad I took the route I did to be able to shine with my abilities and meet such good people.”

Trevor Hansley, B.A. in Animation, 2020 Video Production Assistant, wayahead