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Divinity Offers Christian Formation Certificate

By Brett Wilson | October 16, 2013

As Regent University's online education continues to excel with esteemed faculty leading rigorous courses, beginning in the fall of 2014, the School of Divinity will release the groundbreaking Christian Formation and Spirituality (CCFS) certificate program.

"Regent University is clearly set apart from other universities in that the institution seeks to 'prepare capable men and women in both mind and spirit,'" said Dr. Amos Yong, dean of the School of Divinity. "Christian formation, spirituality and their resulting life of discipleship are essential and foundational to living and growing in the Christian faith."

The CCFS certificate will be the first master's level program to be fully instructed and completed via online learning—eliminating the residency component of traditional online coursework. Consisting of twelve credits, CCFS will encompass four classes, including Spiritual Formation Foundations, Models of Biblical Discipleship, Christian Spirituality, and Spiritual Formation and Community.

"Spiritual formation is foundational for how we live out the Christian faith," said Dr. Kristina Chalfin, visiting assistant professor for the School of Divinity. "We're really excited about it; we think it's going to be a great draw."

Chalfin explained that CCFS is for students of all aspirations, with its classes geared toward providing tools for those who are seeking to be involved in various ministries and are seeking more specialized training.

"Whatever your vocation, be it a lawyer, teacher or journalist, these courses are immediately relevant," said Chalfin.

According to Chalfin, the certificate program will focus largely on participating students' holistic formation, and will provide tools and resources for taking their respective church communities and small groups to the "next level." It will also guide students toward methods of integrating scripture and applying it practically as it pertains to their spiritual formation.

"This degree really will appeal to people of varying backgrounds and faith traditions because it goes beyond them," said Chalfin. "The program is so foundational to the life of the believer; it goes beyond denominations."

After spending over a year and a half developing the program, Chalfin explained that, aside from launching CCFS, she is looking forward to the potential national and global impact her students will have.

"We want our students to be transformed into the image of Christ, and if you're learning to love more like Jesus, you can't help but go into the world," said Chalfin. "We need people who learn to live like Christ, because we know that acting only goes so far."

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