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Regent Hosts Adora America Worship Event

By Amanda Morad | December 19, 2012

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As part of the Global Day of Worship on Wednesday, Dec. 12, Regent University hosted Adora America, a prayer and worship initiative of several Hampton Roads, Va., Latino churches, for a night of prayer and worship. But the 12-12-12 event was only a small part of Adora America's trans-continental movement that connected thousands of congregations across North and South America via simulcast.

Approximately 500 people filled Regent's Main Theatre for Adora America, the vision of New York City pastor, Carlos Jimenez '94 (Divinity). "It was the largest concentration of Hispanic churches in the area we've had for an event," said Dr. Marcela Chaván-Matviuk, director of Regent's Center for Latino Leadership. "We've never had this kind of participation before."

With the worship and prayer all in Spanish, the event gave Regent students with a Latino background a unique opportunity to worship in a setting they don't normally experience at school. "God worked in me while I was there," said College of Arts & Sciences freshman Alicia Rodriguez-Acosta. "It was a great pleasure to worship God in my native tongue. Oh, how I missed worship in Spanish!"

The night also involved collaboration between the worship teams of several local churches, but at the head of the local committee was Bishop Benito Fonseca of Eben-Ezer Church of God in Virginia Beach, Va. As worship came to a close, he led a time of prayer over the area pastors for growth in the local Hispanic community.

Eben-Ezer's worship dance team also performed at the event, alongside worship groups from all over the Hampton Roads area.

Regent was the ideal location for such an event, Chaván-Matviuk explained, because of its global worldview and focus on diversity. "We have become a common ground for many denominations, ethnicities and generations, so it made sense for an event of this nature to be hosted here," she said. "We are a place of unity."

The Center for Latino Leadership is already making plans to participate in a similar collaboration with Adora America in 2013.

Learn more about the Center for Latino Leadership.

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