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SPC Dean Appointed to APA Commission on Accreditation

By Rachel Bender | December 12, 2012

Dr. Bill Hathaway

Dr. Bill Hathaway, dean of Regent University's School of Psychology & Counseling, was recently appointed to a three-year term on the American Psychological Association's (APA) Commission on Accreditation (CoA). The commission provides the premier professional accreditation in psychology to doctoral programs, internships and post-doctoral residency programs in professional psychology.

Hathaway's term will begin on January 1 and run through 2015.

"CoA serves a vital role within the APA governance system, and the efforts of its members have a great impact on professional education and training in psychology," said Dr. Michael C. Roberts, chair of the APA's Board of Educational Affairs in a recent letter. "By any measure, CoA is a hard working commission and one whose efforts are respected and deeply appreciated."

"The CoA is undertaking the first major revision in more than 15 years of its accreditation guidelines and principles that govern the standards and expectations for all programs that desire APA accreditation," Hathaway explained. "My three-year appointment to CoA at this point in its history will allow me to be a part of that revision process. The new guidelines and principles will direct how APA-accredited programs, such as the Psy.D. program at Regent, must be structured and operated to achieve and retain accreditation for years to come."

The CoA has 32 members selected from various constituency groups, such as organizations representing internship and postdoctoral training in psychology, and the APA's boards of scientific affairs and professional affairs.

One of the many things Hathaway is looking forward to is having the opportunity to address accreditation and the religious missions of faith-based institutions. "A small but important part of the revision discussions will be guiding how the religious missions of faith-based institutions should influence the application of the accreditation guidelines and procedures," Hathaway explained. "This has a been a somewhat controversial topic within APA, and my appointment will allow me to address this issue during the revision process as a voting member of the commission."

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