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Regent University’s 20th Annual Research Roundtables Attracts Entrepreneurs from Across the Globe

Regent University’s 20th Annual Research Roundtables Attracts Entrepreneurs from Across the Globe

VIRGINIA BEACH, VA (Nov. 27, 2023) – Regent University’s School of Business & Leadership celebrated the 20th anniversary of their Annual Research Roundtables on November 2-3, 2023.

The Annual Research Roundtables have long been a cornerstone event within the School of Business & Leadership, providing a platform for collaboration, knowledge exchange, entrepreneurial innovation, intellectual as well as practical exploration. Over the past two decades, these roundtables have fostered an environment where participants can engage in meaningful discussions, present their research findings, and gain valuable insights from their peers. The event featured the following 10 distinct topical roundtable tracks, providing diverse avenues for academic exchange and practical exploration:

  1. Artificial learning (AI) & Machine Learning: What is and What May Come—Dr. Andrew Root, Facilitator
  2. Biblical Perspectives: Future Frontiers of Exegetical Research—Dr. Joshua Henson, Facilitator
  3. Followership: Hearing the Call of Followership—Dr. Debra Dean, Facilitator
  4. Foresight: Leveraging Technologies, Tools & Talent—Dr. Virginia Richardson, Facilitator
  5. Human Resource Development: Looking Back, Looking Forward—Dr. Dave Winner, Facilitator
  6. Kingdom Business: How Chrisitan Faith and Entrepreneurship Converge in the Marketplace—Dr. John Mulford, Facilitator
  7. Organizational Leadership: Exploring Organizational Leadership and Structure—Dr. Bruce Winston, Facilitator
  8. Professional Coaching: Coaching Advances, Leadership Development, Trends, Teams, and Technology—Dr. Diane Wiater
  9. Servant Leadership: 20 Years of Serving—Dr. Kathleen Patterson
  10. Transformative Innovation: Continuing to Innovate Over the Next 20 Years—Dr. Steve Firestone, Facilitator

The two-day virtual event was a dynamic gathering that comprised 10 thought-provoking roundtables, where experts and enthusiasts delved into various topics of interest. The event boasted an impressive lineup of 90 presenters, each bringing their unique insights and expertise to the virtual stage.

The heart of the event – the 16 live panel discussions – brought together panels of experts as they engaged in lively and informative conversations. As such, these panels served as a platform for deep exploration and meaningful dialogue.

The event attracted a diverse audience, with participants hailing from 34 different states, as well as international attendees from Canada, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, and the Virgin Islands. This global representation added a truly enriching dimension to the event, fostering cross-cultural exchange and the sharing of perspectives from around the world.

Overall, this two-day virtual event was a resounding success, offering a wealth of knowledge, fostering connections, and nurturing a vibrant community of individuals passionate about the topics discussed.

Since its inception in 2003, the Annual Research Roundtables have experienced remarkable growth. Starting with a modest but inspiring first gathering of 7 presenters at the inaugural Research Roundtables, the event has flourished into a thriving platform where 90 presenters and many more attendees came together to benefit from the wealth of scholarship shared, to engage in insightful conversations, and seize valuable networking opportunities.

“The theme for this year’s Research Roundtables was ’20 Years of Continuing the Mission,'” explained Dr. Doris Gomez, the Dean of Regent University’s School of Business & Leadership. With heartfelt humility, she emphasized that the accomplishments achieved over the past two decades were not to be taken lightly, as they were made possible by the grace of God. Dr. Gomez acknowledged that none could claim credit for this remarkable journey, and the glory belonged solely to God. Such profound recognition resonated with all chairs and participants, thus reinforcing the collective understanding that their work was, is, and continues to be guided by and for a higher purpose.

If you missed this dynamic exchange and desire to learn more, visit 2023 Annual Research Roundtables | Regent University, as well as the Regent Research Roundtables Proceedings.

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