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Move-In Day 2019

Under blue skies and typical summer heat, Regent University’s incoming freshmen class buzzed with excitement as hundreds of hopefuls began settling in to their new homes last week.

Students were met by dozens of helping hands – mostly upperclassmen – all teaming together to unload carload after carload.

Parents eagerly wheeled in shopping carts full to the brim of the incoming students’ belongings.

“We’ve moved lots of kids into dorms and this is by far the best,” one parent noted. “We visited 10 schools, and when he walked on this campus, [my son] said ‘This is it. This is where I’m supposed to be.’”

Noah Eckert, an incoming freshman and Law & National Security major, reiterated the excitement of moving in, stating that the best part of the process is “getting to know everybody – getting to meet new people.” He shared his appreciation for the university’s “passion and drive for a Christian worldview.”

“We understand this sort of transition can be hard for students and parents alike,” said interim College of Arts & Sciences (CAS) Dean, Dr. Joshua McMullen. “It’s our hope that we not only help them settle in, but aid them for the rest of their academic experience.”

“We hope this week, and in particular, this day, sets the tone for these students’ college experience,” he added.

After move-in, all parents and student congregated at the chapel where a time of corporate worship was held, a time for all to commit the school year — for the students, their academic endeavors — to the Lord. One of the new students expressed his excitement for being a part of a Christian community where he can find “other people who are passionate” about their walk with Christ.

Having looked at other schools, the mother of an incoming freshman explained that this “Christian environment” played a major role in her son’s decision to attend Regent.

Students reverently listened to CAS faculty shed light on the mission of the Regent University – a mission that will significantly shape one of the most significant chapters of their lives.

The tunes of live jazz floated over the bubbling fountain – a stunning campus icon. The last event of move-in day, the ice cream social, presented both students and parents an opportunity to meet and greet fellow incoming freshmen as well as the school’s faculty from CAS. Despite the reluctance of some parents’ towards leaving their ‘now students,’ many held high expectations for what this new adventure would bring their children.

“It’s launch time. It’s no more ‘talk’—it’s we can ‘do’,” said parent Mike Murphy, reflecting on the day’s significance for his son Ryland Murphy ‘23, an incoming freshman.

“It’s like a new start … you’re going into the unknown,” Ryland echoed. “It’s the start of something new, and I think that’s really exciting.”