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Regent University is a Christian Institution Offering Undergraduate, Graduate, and Doctoral Degrees Located in Virginia Beach, VA 23464

Circuit Riders Visits Regent

During the 1800’s circuit riders traveled the countryside by horseback to partner with settling families and share with them the gospel. Inspired by this tradition, a movement to take Christ to college campuses across the United States has taken on the name “Circuit Riders.” Yasmin Kahan-Groves visited Regent University’s Chapel Service on April 13 to share her passion and excitement for what God is doing in her generation.

“The thing that God has stirred our heart with, and the thing we are really seeing, that students are awakening to, all across America, is the fact that Jesus is real,” said Kahan-Groves. “He’s not just a concept; he’s not just a story, but there is a real God. There is a real presence of God. There is actual real good news for the brokenhearted and the beat-down. There’s actual hope in a God named Jesus.”

It is estimated that 95 percent of students on America’s secular college campuses do not identify as Christian. Kahan-Groves says God is revealing Himself in America. She and her friends, who are part of Circuit Riders, started a 200-college campus tour in January. They recently returned from Harvard, NYU and Texas, where dozens became Christians.

Kahan-Groves told Regent students that, as Christians, they have a message to share. She read from Daniel 6, and told the story of how Daniel persevered during a time of wickedness. He served a rebellious king with such loyalty that the king even professed who God is. It was not Daniel’s degree, career or reputation, but his relationship with God that got him through.

“How powerful is it that a king of a rebellious nation is seeing the power and glory of God move because of someone’s set-apartness?” asked Kahan-Groves. “And then, he is saying, I decree, over this rebellious nation, do not say anything against this God. Could we be a generation so committed to Christ that others can’t ignore us?”

Circuit Riders team members joined with students to pray after the end of the chapel service. They later joined students that evening for a time of worship. Learn more about Campus Ministries.