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Care Net Partnership Sends Students to Regent

A scholarship program is putting the power of a Regent education into the minds of those who work and live through crisis pregnancies. Through its Corporate Partnerships program, Regent University offers a tuition discount to employees of the 1,130 crisis pregnancy centers that are part of Care Net. In September, Regent presented a full scholarship to a client of a crisis pregnancy care center at Care Net’s annual conference in Orlando, Florida.

“It’s very humbling and exciting to watch someone receive such a positive opportunity,” said Melissa Kalder, Corporate Partnerships director. “I think an education propels people to success, and it’s exciting to see the award be presented. I’m grateful I work at an institution that values people enough to want to invest in lives.”

Kalder joined Cindy Hopkins ’15 (School of Business & Leadership), vice president at Care Net, to present a four-year scholarship to Regent’s College of Arts & Sciences (CAS) to this year’s recipient Amanda Gillard. Gillard was selected after a thorough review of nominations for her loyalty, hard work and determination. She plans to complete a Bachelor of Arts in Management, and has already graduated from community college as an honors student.

Care Net and Regent have partnered to provide an annual scholarship since 2011, and 2013 recipient Ursula Penn was recognized for graduating with a history degree. She earned her degree within three years while raising her daughter, Aerial.

Dr. Kathleen Patterson, School of Business & Leadership (SBL) professor, participated in the conference, presenting on the topic of millennials’ involvement in the pro-life movement.

“Research has shown over and over that millennials want something that is purpose-driven,” said Patterson. “They want to live a cause, live a purpose, and want to be part of a movement. They’re very driven toward the pro-life message. They see a lot of things that have been done in the pro-life movement, and they’re saying, ‘That never worked. We want to do this instead.’ People who are from my generation, supporting millennials who are doing new, creative and innovative things, it may not be exactly what we did, but they’re creating new things to do. We should be behind them.”

Patterson says some of these new approaches include emphasizing working with the mother after she gives birth and working with the father. She says Care Net President Ronald Warren is positioning the organization in this direction having come from the National Fatherhood Initiative. He identifies the center as pro-abundant-life, meaning it cares for women before, during, and after their pregnancies.

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