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A member of the Regent community on campus, wearing a Regent mask.

Regent Ready: COVID-19 Policies and Procedures for Summer 2022


Regent University does not require students and employees to be vaccinated. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) strongly encourages individuals to be vaccinated for the COVID-19 virus. Regent wants students and employees to make the healthcare choices that best support their well-being and the well-being of others.


Completion of the daily self-screening questionnaire is not required. However, if students or employees have symptoms, or believe they have been exposed to COVID-19, they should navigate to the MyRegent portal, complete the questionnaire, and remain in place until the Office of Student Services or the Human Resources Department contacts them, respectively.

Contact Tracing/Quarantine/Isolation

Isolation/quarantine procedures for students and employees will continue, including contact tracing cooperation with the Virginia Department of Health, as needed; protocols will be coordinated through the Office of Student Services and the Human Resources Department.

Face Masks

In compliance with current CDC guidelines, face masks are not required to be worn on the Regent University campus, unless otherwise directed; however, students and employees are free to wear them as they make their own personal and public health decisions.

Social Distancing

Classroom configurations and event venues will remain at COVID-19 capacity limits until the start of the Fall 2022 semester. In all other situations, unless otherwise directed, students and employees are free to exercise social distancing as they make their own personal and public health decisions.


  • Screening: All guests are reminded to self-screen before arriving on campus.
  • Masks: All guests must follow the general masking policy for the university.
  • Welcome Center: We encourage all visitors to conduct self-screening for COVID-19 before arriving at the Welcome Center.

Food Service

Food and beverages will be allowed at events and distributed according to pre-COVID university protocols.

Regent University Covid Vaccinations
A face mask with the Regent University emblem.
Social distancing floor stickers at the Regent University campus in Virginia Beach.
Regent University COVID policies for guests

Other Protocols, Policies, and Procedures


  • In general, room capacities remain at COVID protocol levels.
  • Where absolutely necessary, configurations may be modified to increase capacities in select classrooms.
  • Plexiglass barriers and “safe zones” in classrooms will be removed during the summer. Barriers may remain in other non-classroom areas as determined by department or office leadership.
  • Hand sanitizer, cleaner, etc. are available in various locations in each classroom building for faculty and students to use, as desired.


  • Residencies will resume following protocols for on-campus students.  In order to participate in Residency, students must submit proof of a negative rapid (antigen) test within 48 hours before arriving on campus.


  • The Library will increase seating around tables and carrel capacities to near pre-COVID levels; however, tables were spaced further apart for COVID protocols and those configurations will remain.
  • The Library will maintain their “tap to enter” policy.
  • The Library will retain curbside pickup as a service because it is very popular and is convenient for working adults.

Faculty/Staff Travel

  • In general, faculty/staff travel will resume following pre-COVID protocols.
  • Faculty/staff must follow guidelines on the CDC site for domestic and international travel (for both vaccinated and unvaccinated).
  • In some instances, extra caution may be required in the case of international travel to areas with high infection rates, particularly, with variants. The faculty, staff, deans, and Academic Affairs will have to employ wisdom in the approval process for these trips.
  • The primary location for the Health Center continues to be the Commons; also testing will be available by appointment in the Village satellite location.
  • Approximately 40 Village beds have been designated for isolation housing.
  • There will be a bias towards conducting events outside when feasible and/or appropriate (Student Engagement).
  • The university will factor in social distancing for indoor events; venue size and capacities will be adjusted to allow for reduced density.
  • Weekly chapel, Un-chapel, or other internal events will be held following the reduced capacity policy.
  • External parties will contact Administrative Services to determine chapel availability and to schedule chapel events.
  • There will be on-going promotion of self-screening, general wellness, good hygiene, consideration for others, etc. through social media, website, posters, videos, word of mouth, and other methods.
  • Theatre operations will follow the same masking policy as the university.
  • Designated, social distanced seating will no longer be enforced, but overall capacity will be limited to 60% capacity.
  • On the days of the performances, temperature screenings will be done.
  • In addition to adhering to the general COVID-19 protocols set forth by the University, Athletics will participate in ongoing testing in order to meet the health and safety protocols of the schools they will be competing against. Frequency of testing will vary depending upon the timelines and expectations communicated to Regent by other institutions.
Regent University Health Center
A member of the Regent University community wearing a protective face mask.
A member of the Regent University community uses a hand sanitizer.