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Letter of Recommendation (NROTC Program)

Recommender name(Required)
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In this section you will find 12 competencies and character traits that contribute to successful leadership. The competencies and character traits are grouped into five categories:

  • Achievement
  • Influence
  • People
  • Personal Qualities
  • Cognitive Abilities

For each competency, please select the one button that corresponds to the behavior that you have seen the applicant most consistently exhibit. We acknowledge that all applicants have both areas of strength and areas of needed development. Your candid and honest appraisal will assist in evaluation of the applicant. Please assume that each level builds upon behaviors described in the previous level.


Acts ahead of need/anticipates problems.
Results Orientation(Required)
Focuses on and drives toward delivering on goals, objectives, and performance improvement.


Communication, Professional Impression & Poise(Required)
Delivers messages and ideas in a way that engages an audience and achieves buy-in; uses listening and other attending behaviors to reach shared understanding; remains calm and measured even in time of crisis or conflict.
Influence and Collaboration(Required)
Engages and works with people over whom he/she has no direct control.


Respect for Others(Required)
Acknowledges the value of others’ views and actions.
Team Leadership(Required)
Manages and empowers a team of direct reports or peers on project based teams.
Developing Others(Required)
Helps people develop their performance and ability over time.

Personal Qualities

Acts consistently in line with or follows explicit values, beliefs or intentions.
Adapts to changing demands and circumstances without difficulty. Maintains calm optimism in the face of challenge, problems, or apparent failure.
Aware of and seeks out additional input on own strengths and weaknesses.

Cognitive Abilities

Problem Solving(Required)
Frames problems, analyzes situations, identifies key issues, conducts analysis on the issues, and produces acceptable solution.
Strategic Orientation(Required)
Thinks beyond one’s span of control and into the future to reshape the approach or scope of work.
Based on your professional experience, how to you rate this applicant compared to her/his peer group?(Required)
Overall I…(Required)