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In an honors college, students are exposed to mentorship and networking opportunities.

What is an Honors College?

Earlier this year, Regent University announced the establishment of a new Honors College, giving incoming freshmen in fall 2020 to be the college’s first class. However, one may ask – What is an Honors College?

In short, an honors college is part of an already-existing college or university. This college within a college consists of the top students who have applied and been accepted to both the institution and The Honors College each year. These students will be a focused group of individuals who are completing the requirements of their respective majors, while also enrolling in extra courses that are focused on their high level of thinking and academic achievement.

Benefits of an Honors College

Additionally, within an honors college, students are exposed to mentorship opportunities, networking opportunities with leaders in many different fields from around the country, while also having more stringent academic requirements than other students. These students are oftentimes some of the most driven and successful students within the college or university who are searching for an extra load of academic rigor and opportunity as part of their collegiate experience.

So, How Does Regent University’s Honors College Fit?

With the establishment of The Honors College at Regent University, students will be exposed to an even broader world for which they are being trained to serve. This Honors College will follow the L.I.F.E. model, which stands for great Learning, Instruction, Faculty, and Expectations.

Regent Honors College students will learn through phenomenal and rigorous instruction by remarkable faculty. With that, The Honors College students will be challenged to continue to excel in the classroom, as they embrace added academic rigor.

While Regent’s on-campus student body as a whole is small, The Honors College is even more intimate. Students in The Honors College will benefit greatly from the tight-knit classes and the even closer relationships they will have the opportunity to develop with their professors and classmates.

“Christian Leadership to Change the World” is the motto of Regent University. And, through the opportunities given to our Honors College students, and the exposure to higher levels of thought, learning, and scholarship, Regent looks forward to producing even more of those Christian leaders representing our 135+ areas of study.

Why Choose an Honors College?

If you are looking for an academic program with more rigor than others, an honors college may be the right choice for you. Not only will an honors college challenge you academically, it will also challenge your way of thinking, and your ability to learn, understand, and apply what you are learning. Giving you multiple views on an idea and giving you the opportunities to explore many different concepts, the honors college experience is a holistic one – and an experience that you will carry on far beyond your time as a student.

What are Honors College Requirements?

Typically, honors colleges require above-average grades, showing that the students applying have excelled in the classroom while in high school.

At Regent University, our requirements for acceptance into The Honors College are as follows:

  1. You must be an accepted student to Regent for the fall semester. Your Honors College application must be completed by March 31 for consideration preceding the semester of desired entry.
  2. You must be a high school senior to apply.
  3. 1250 SAT, 3.7 High School GPA.

And, while these requirements are the starting point, additional qualities that Regent believes will set Honors College students up for the most success include:

  1. Teachability: A desire to learn and be mentored, which is rooted in the acknowledgment of God as Creator, Sustainer and Source of Wisdom, and expressed in humility.
  2. Intentionality: A commitment to cultivate character, a sense of duty, studiousness, as well as the ability to anticipate future needs and challenges.
  3. Integrative Thinking: A capacity to think creatively within and across the academic disciplines while integrating God’s truth into all fields of knowledge and areas of one’s life.

Honors College Scholarships

Each Honors College student at Regent is awarded a significant annual scholarship – generally along with a merit scholarship as well. Students are encouraged to apply for other financial aid and external scholarships, which could be determined by either merit or need.

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About Regent University

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