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Photo of two student smiling and talking in their dorm apartment.

How to Make Friends in College as an Introvert

It can be difficult to make friends in college, especially when you are not naturally inclined to be outgoing. While you may excel at the academic aspect of college, the social side can be tough when you’re in a new environment and you don’t know anyone. Check out these tips to open yourself to new people in college so you can become better prepared for the next four years.


  • Get into the Right Mindset
  • Join a Study Group
  • Find Your Interest
  • Connect with Roommates
  • Hang out on Campus
  • Host Small Events
  • Seek Like Minded People

Get Into the Right Mindset

Before you open yourself up to new people, you first have to want to meet new people!  Understanding the benefits of making friends in college is essential to getting into this mindset and learning how to make lasting friendships as an introvert.

Developing strong, healthy friendships allows others to support you throughout your college experience, Finding support and trust in friends can lead to a healthier social life and lower stress levels. Between studying for exams, dealing with roommates, and leaving time for extracurricular activities, there’s no doubt that college can be a challenge, but with the right group of friends, you can thrive.

In addition, finding friendships allows you interact more with different people, which can better equip you for the workforce later. By making friends with lots of different people, you can become more open-minded and gain a more unique perspective.

Join a Study Group

Study groups offer a great opportunity to make friends as an introvert by making it easier to avoid uncomfortable small talk while still allowing you to bond with your classmates. It is a way to force you out of your comfort zone without feeling like a waste of time (you’re still studying!) 

Socialization can be difficult as an introvert if you don’t have anything in common with the other person. In a study group you are guaranteed to have at least one thing in common with your study buddies: the class you are taking together. Not only can such a group help ease some of that anxiety and help you develop healthier study habits, but you may just find that you have many other things in common with your classmates as well!

Find Your Interest

Finding groups, clubs and sports that you have an interest in can make it easy to make friends with people who have something in common with you. People in those organizations will have those same interests as you, which may increase your chances of making a connection that lasts for longer than a semester.

Colleges have hundreds of clubs that cater to just about every interest under the son. Sign yourself up for a few different groups that correspond with different interests you have. This can help you make friends as an introvert with people from a variety of different backgrounds and broaden your social circle.

Connect with Your Roommates

College dorms can be the key to making friends as an introvert. Living in close proximity to other students your age allows you to make acquaintances with people from a variety of backgrounds, which can turn into valuable friendships.  

While living with others as an introvert can require some adjusting, it’s possible to find peace with those who you’re living with, and they may even become some of your closest friends if you let them!

Maintaining a separate area for yourself in your dorm room can give you back that sense of independence you may feel you lost when you first moved into your dorm.

Keep open communication with your roommate or dormmates about schedules, chores, and quiet times. This minimizes conflicts and gives your friendship with your roommate a chance to blossom. If you live in a suite-style dorm with multiple people, you may even want to set aside some time watch shows or study together in the common area.

Find Time to Hang out on Campus

Allowing yourself the opportunity to meet people is the first step in how to make friends as an introvert. Oftentimes, this one act can be enough to create some solid friendships. Spending some time in the student lounge or the library in between classes can bring about conversations and meetings you may have never expected.

Host an Event

Hosting can be one of the biggest nightmares for introverts, but it does not have to be that way! Inviting a small group of people over for a relaxed game night or bible study is a great way to ease into hosting while still enjoying the time spent together. Hosting smaller groups can even allow for deeper connections and conversations. If you’re not sure who to invite, give yourself the confidence to knock on your hallmates’ doors. Remember that you’re not the only introvert on your floor; others may just be waiting for you to make the first move.

Seek Out Like-Minded People

While socializing with extroverted students can help you break out of your shell a bit, they can sometimes be extra draining when you’re an introvert who values your alone time.

Search for ways to connect with other introverts.  Chess, board game, video game, and movie clubs often attract the more introverted and can present a perfect opportunity to wind down in a social way.

 You can also join online communities geared towards introverted students on your campus or in your class. This may be a great option if you want to meet others but are still too shy to take the initiative to meet in person.

Making friends as an introverted student may be a daunting task, but by following these tips, you can take yourself out of your comfort zone and form connections to support and care for you throughout your college experience.