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Anderson B. Rowan, Ph.D., ABPP
ProfessorPsychology Department757.352.4433More about Anderson B. Rowan, Ph.D., ABPP

Anderson B. Rowan, Ph.D., ABPP

Regent University’s adjunct professors are rigorously selected so that they help students grow in knowledge and faith. These professors, who teach on a contractual basis, must be dedicated to Christ-centered teaching and learning; have a record of or potential for academic scholarship; possess the ability to teach undergraduate-level and/or graduate-level courses, and embrace Regent’s Identity and Mission statements and subscribe to a statement of Christian faith.


Dr. Anderson “Andy” Rowan was born in Winston-Salem, North Carolina and raised in Springfield, Virginia. He attended undergraduate at the University of Virginia, earning a B.S. in Commerce. Just after his third year at UVA he became a Christian and began to contemplate entering some type of Christian ministry as a vocation. To test different options and develop a solid foundation in the Scriptures, he completed a one-year Biblical Studies program sandwiched between a summer mission trip and pastoral internship. At the conclusion of these endeavors, he had no clear sense of calling, so he began working in the business world. After a little over a couple of years working in business, he and his new wife again began to sense a calling to some type of vocation more directly ministering to people.

After prayerful consideration, he and his wife determined he should return to school and study counseling. Researching his options, he determined that a doctoral degree in clinical psychology was the best course of study to meet his goal. He entered the Ph.D. program at Fuller Theological Seminary’s Graduate School of Psychology in 1987, during which time he and his wife had their first two children. He began looking into completing his internship through one of the military branches, as a means of supporting his family. He was accepted to all three branches but opted to train with the Air Force at Wilford Hall Medical Center.

At that time, the plan was to complete the three-year post-internship commitment, separate from the Air Force and settle down. However, the Lord had other plans. Rowan served 25 years in the Air Force, retiring at the rank of Colonel in 2017. While in the Air Force, he completed a post-doctoral fellowship in clinical health psychology. He also led two health psychology services and two mental health services, helped establish the Air Force integrated program in primary care, and served seven years on the faculty of one of the Air Force’s APA-accredited internships, four of which were as the internship program director.

Rowan deployed three times in support of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, which included the opportunity to command the Combat Stress Detachment in Afghanistan. For his last 5 years in the Air Force, he was on the executive staff of both an overseas community hospital and a medical center, where he led a diverse array of medical and ancillary services. On a more personal note, Dr. Rowan and his wife, gave birth to their third child soon after internship and several years later adopted two baby girls from China.

Dr. Rowan’s goal upon retirement from the Air Force was to join the faculty of an APA-accredited Christian doctoral psychology program, ideally one providing the opportunity to his roots Virginia. Thus, he feels very blessed to have the opportunity to be a part of Regent’s Psy.D. program. He enjoys training and mentoring and is committed to the students’ development. Research and clinical interest include mental health stigma in the military and the church, clinical health psychology and integration of behavioral health in primary care.


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American Psychological Association
Society of Behavioral Medicine
Christian Association for Psychological Studies
Society of Air Force Psychologists
Virginia Academy of Clinical Psychologists


Regent University, Faculty Award for Excellence, Fall 2018
Meritorious Service Medal, Travis AFB, California, 2017
Meritorious Service Medal, RAF Lakenheath, England, 2015
Meritorious Service Medal, Andrews AFB, Maryland, 2012
John C. Flanagan Senior Psychologist of the Year, Air Force District of Washington, 2009
Meritorious Service Medal, Vandenberg AFB, California, 2008
Meritorious Service Medal, Bagram AB, Afghanistan, 2008
Meritorious Service Medal, Mountain Home AFB, Idaho, 2005
Air Force Achievement Medal, Al Udeid AB, Qatar, 2005
John C. Flanagan Senior Psychologist of the Year, Air Combat Command, 2003
Meritorious Service Medal, Andrews AFB, Maryland, 2003
Air Force Commendation Medal, Ganci AB, Kyrgyzstan, 2002
Meritorious Service Medal, Landstuhl Regional Medical Center, Germany, 2000
Field Supervision Recognition Award, University of Maryland – College Park, 1998
Air Force Commendation Medal, Goodfellow AFB, Texas, 1995