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Regent University, Virginia Beach, provides online resources for its teacher education programs.

Teacher Education Resources


The Teacher Education department of Regent University’s College of Arts & Sciences is committed to developing teachers who will enrich the lives of students. To this end, it provides resources to assist teachers. This page is designed to help teacher candidates enrolled in Bachelor of Education degree programs, cooperating teachers, school principals, assistant principals, school division or central office personnel, and Regent’s faculty.

Please note that most of the forms are completed online via the link provided. Forms in Adobe PDF format can be edited and emailed to us at You can download Adobe Reader at

The Bachelor of Education degrees lead to initial professional licensure. Students enrolled in these programs must both declare the major and be formally accepted into the professional studies coursework (UED courses). Upon declaring the major, the University identifies students as non-licensure track. Upon completing the requirements below, students will apply for formal admission to the professional studies portion of the major. A Teacher Education committee will consider a student’s completed application, faculty recommendation, and past academic performance to accept a student to the major’s professional studies. The committee may request an interview with the applicant. Upon acceptance, students may begin taking UED courses.

Eligibility criteria for formal admission to the (UED) professional studies coursework:

Fall Application Due Date: March 1st
Spring Application Due Date: September 1st


Early/Primary and Elementary Education Content Knowledge. Those preparing to teach grades PreK-3 or PreK-6 must pass the Virginia Communication and Literacy Assessment, the Reading for Virginia Educators assessments, and the Praxis Elementary Education Multiple Subjects Assessment.

  • VCLA (Virginia Communication and Literacy Assessment)
  • Praxis® Teaching Reading: Elementary [5205] score 159.
    • Note: The VDOE will accept the RVE (5306) only if you took and passed the test before 8/31/2022.
  • Praxis Test: Elementary Education: Multiple Subjects Assessment [combined test code 5001]

    The assessment is taken as one test in four parts. To pass the Elementary Education: Multiple Subjects Assessment, you must receive a passing score on each sub-test.
    • Reading and Language Arts Subtest [5002] score 157
    • Mathematics Subtest [5003] score 157
    • Social Studies Subtest [5004] score 155
    • Science Subtest [5005] score 159

Secondary Education: Content Knowledge. Those preparing to teach grades 6-12 must pass the Praxis test related to their primary field of study and the Virginia Communication and Literacy Assessment.

  • Praxis Test: English Language Arts: Content Knowledge [5038], score 167, or
  • Praxis Test: Mathematics: Content Knowledge [5165], score 159**, or
  • Praxis Test: Social Studies: Content Knowledge [5081], score 161, and the
  • VCLA (Virginia Communication and Literacy Assessment)

** On March 17, 2022, the Virginia Board of Education adopted the (5165) Test as the prescribed assessment for the Mathematics endorsement, and approved the passing score of 159. Through August 31, 2022, individuals may take either the Praxis® Mathematics: Content Knowledge (5161) Test or the new Praxis® Mathematics (5165) Test. Effective September 1, 2022, only the new Praxis® Mathematics (5165) Test will be accepted as the prescribed assessment for the Mathematics endorsement in Virginia. Beginning September 1, 2022, the Praxis® Mathematics: Content Knowledge (5161) Test will only be accepted for individuals who took and passed the test during the period it was prescribed by the Board of Education (VDOE Superintendent’s Memo #091-22, para. 2.)

Teaching clinical practice is at the heart of Regent’s teacher preparation programs. Through carefully structured practicum placements, students apply theoretical constructs and research-based practices in authentic settings. The student will be placed in an accredited private or public school in a given a practicum placement. Students are required to successfully complete a minimum of ninety (90) practicum field experience hours. The practicum guide addresses the practicum experiences for students enrolled in UED 480A Practicum I, UED 480B Practicum II, and UEC 480 ECE Practicum.

Practicum Guide

Students will complete practicum experience hours for the required professional studies courses (UED courses) and must provide proof of the following requirements prior to practicum placement in a PreK-12 classroom.


Early Childhood Education students enrolled in UEC 480 Practicum will identify an accredited private preschool or a pre-kindergarten setting in a public school. Once the student has identified a preferred placement, the Coordinator of Field Placements will set up the placement.

National Accreditation Organizations for Early Childhood Programs



We understand CONFIDENTIALITY: The purpose of the survey is to produce data that will allow the College of Arts and Sciences Teacher Education Department to assess their programs and services. Participant names will be collected to determine survey completion, but not used for result analysis. Participant responses will only be identified by a participant number or code for analysis. Any data related to your participating in this study will be held in the strictest confidentiality and only used for program improvement. Thank you for your participation!

The feedback and survey is an integral part of the process of enhancing the Teacher Education Program in preparing students to transform lives.

Regent University CAS Student Teacher Evaluation by School Administrator
This form is designed to allow all student teacher evaluators to assess performance in several areas of teaching. Administrators are asked to submit it online after completing a student teacher observation. Within a few days of submission, we will email you a PDF copy of your submitted report.

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2020-21 CAEP Accreditation Data
The School of Education publicly displays data pertaining to each of our Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP) Annual Reporting Measures.