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Students at Regent University, which offers homeschooled students on-campus and online college courses.

Homeschooled Students

As one of the nation’s top-tier homeschool-friendly colleges, Regent University offers both on-campus and online college courses for homeschool students. Whether you are looking for college preparation, or you are ready to pursue one of our degree programs, we want to help make your transition a smooth one. We even offer scholarship awards for academic merit and tuition discounts.

As one of the nation’s top-tier homeschool-friendly colleges, Regent University offers both on-campus and online college courses for homeschool students. We want to help make your transition a smooth one and even offer scholarship awards for academic merit and tuition discounts for members of the Homeschool Legal Defense Association. Follow the process outlined below to apply.

Application Requirements for Incoming Freshman

Note: These guidelines are for students age 22 or younger with less than 15 transferable college credits. If you are applying as an Early College student, read Early College application requirements.

  1. Fill out our online application.
  2. Send us your official high school transcripts (and college transcripts, if applicable). Read homeschooled student transcript tips. If you have taken college courses, we can request college transcripts for you.
  3. Deliver your SAT/ACT/CLT scores to Regent. Applies if the student has been out of high school for less than 5 years.
  4. Personal statement – Faith Is a Journey. Share Your Story. In two paragraphs, please briefly but thoughtfully describe your testament of faith in God. For example, you may describe what your relationship with Christ means to you or explain how you knew you wanted Him to be part of your life. Your response will help us better understand your personal spiritual journey.

Submit your personal statement to


All first-year freshmen in the Traditional Campus Program are required to live on-campus (unless they live within a 25 mile radius of Regent). In order to receive priority housing in the Commons residence halls, students must have the following steps completed by May 1st:

  • Step 1: Must be accepted for admission to Regent University by April 25 to meet this housing deadline.
  • Step 2: After acceptance is confirmed, must submit the online Enrollment Agreement and Housing Application (if applicable), and pay appropriate deposits online.

Many homeschool transcript templates are available online as well as some very good record-keeping options that prepare transcripts for you for a small fee.

The homeschool transcript should:

  • List all courses taken and dates completed.
  • Have a cumulative GPA calculated on a 4-point scale.
  • Include the graduation date only AFTER the student has graduated. Prior to graduation, an “anticipated graduation date” can be listed.
  • Be kept in a safe place forever (OK, maybe not forever, but for the life of student).
  • Be signed and dated by the “School Principal.”
  • Be mailed to the college in a sealed envelope with the principal’s signature over seal.
  • Have the school name and address on the outside of the envelope.

Homeschool transcripts will be considered official when:

  • The signed transcript is delivered in a sealed envelope with the academic administrators (parent) signature over the seal of the envelope.
  • The signed transcript has been emailed directly from the academic administrators (parent) with an email chain/parents signature and explanation to verify that it came from the parent of the applicant.
  • The signed transcript has been faxed or emailed directly from the Homeschool administrator/ Guidance Counselor’s office to Enrollment Support Services, Transcript Request Department, or to the Regent Admissions Counselor. It must have a fax cover sheet or email chain to support this, and must be added to the students file.

Regent University’s Early College Program helps you start college with credits already under your belt. It includes accelerated program tracks, transferable undergraduate credits, savings on tuition and more! Learn more about the program.

Rewarding Educational Performance (REP) Program

Regent is proud to announce the Rewarding Educational Performance (REP) program which recognizes academic excellence within our Early College Program. To demonstrate our commitment to your educational performance, when you enroll as an Early College student at Regent University, you’ll become eligible to participate in this tuition-reward program — valued up to $2,250!

To qualify, interested students must:

  1. Enroll as an Early College student at Regent through our top-tier, regionally accredited dual-enrollment program. (Early College tuition is comparable to community colleges!)
  2. Earn a B letter grade or better for each Early College class. As a result, Regent will reserve a scholarship in the amount of the tuition cost for each course – up to $2,250 (30 credit hours).*
  3. Upon high school graduation, enroll as a full-time, on-campus degree-seeking student within our College of Arts & Sciences to redeem your scholarship during your first semester of classes!

Please direct any questions about the Regent REP and Early College programs to 757.352.4960 or Our Enrollment Counselors are looking forward to working with you!

*Scholarship only applies to Early College classes taken beginning Fall 2017 (August 21, 2017).