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Learn what you can do with a bachelor's degree in psychology.

What Can You Do With a Bachelor’s in Psychology?

Psychology is one of the most fascinating and perplexing studies known to humankind. People are intrigued by human behavior and the science behind how reason—or lack thereof—causes behavior. The most recent data shows that over 100,000 students earn a bachelor’s in psychology every year.­1 Many go on to complete master’s or doctorate degrees in their profession. Some think that they must achieve a graduate or doctoral degree to use their psychology studies, but what can you do with a bachelor’s in psychology?

There are plenty of career paths available to those with a bachelor’s in psychology. While these positions may not be directly affiliated with the field of psychology, they require a strong skillset of interpersonal communication and knowledge of the human mind and behavior that someone with a psychology degree will have obtained during their undergraduate studies.

What can you do with a bachelor’s in psychology? Discover what you can accomplish!

Exercise Psychologist

Exercise psychologists are either self-employed or work for healthcare providers. They develop programs to help patients maintain fitness or recover from injury. Exercise psychologists can work with athletes or specific demographics like women, men or the elderly. They change lives by helping people take care of their bodies which requires an understanding of behavioral psychology and specific identification of traumas or negative thought patterns.

2021 Median Pay: $47,940 per year 2

Job Outlook 2020-30: 13% (Faster than average) 2

Human Resources Manager

As someone committed to helping people thrive, human resources managers function with much-needed insight and tact as they oversee employee orientations, benefits, and day-to-day work questions. Because human resource managers work across the organization and with various external entities, managers need to possess foundational knowledge of psychology. Managers must choose whom to hire and maintain an effective yet happy work environment. Those are only two of the many tasks where a psychological understanding offers an advantage.

2021 Median Pay: $126,230 per year 2

Job Outlook: 2020-30: 9% (As fast as average) 2

Kindergarten & Elementary School Teacher

With a degree in psychology, you’ll be able to demonstrate care, compassion and empathy as you guide young children who are developing their worldview. School teachers work in public and private schools. A good understanding of child psychology can help facilitate communication between the teacher and student. It can also help teachers find innovative ways to help students communicate their emotions, concerns and thoughts. Teachers who understand psychology can discover unique ways to enrich the school lives of their students. In addition to a psychology degree, you would need to pursue a teaching degree to follow this career path.

2021 Median Pay: $61,350 per year 2

Job Outlook 2020-30: 7% (As fast as average) 2

Advertising, Promotion, and Marketing Manager

Having strong interpersonal skills, an understanding of human behavior, and effectively communicating can provide an edge in various sales and marketing positions. Marketing managers need to know how their target audience thinks to sell them products and services. Marketing psychology involves discovering the needs of the audience and consumer behavior. Marketing psychologists also test, research and strategize regarding how the audience will react to certain colors, content delivery formats and more.

2021 Median Pay: $133,380  per year 2

Job Outlook 2020-30: 10% (As fast as average) 2

Probation Officers and Correctional Treatment Specialists

Law offenders often need help reacclimating into a civilian lifestyle. Probation officers and correctional treatment specialists help rehabilitate these offenders by using their knowledge of criminal psychology and healthy psychology. This foundational wisdom can help officers and specialists in this field provide the best resources for rehabilitating previously incarcerated individuals. Correctional treatment specialists and probation officers evaluate inmates, probationers and parolees using psychological tests. They then develop plans to reacclimate them into society.

2021 Median Pay: $60,250 per year 2

Job Outlook 2020-30: 4% (Slower than average) 2

Ready to Take Your Career to the Next Level?

Now that the question “what can you do with a bachelor’s in psychology” has been answered, the next step is deciding what school to attend. Earning a psychology degree at Regent University can deepen your understanding of human behavior and prepare you to achieve your goals throughout your career. You can learn how to think about psychological issues logically and responsibly—through a Christian perspective that values the unique identity of every individual.

As a Regent student, can have access to Regent’s Office of Career & Talent Management for career resources, internship opportunities, job search networking functions, and tools for student development and career assessment.

Want to learn more about what sets Regent apart? Request information or speak to a member of our admissions team at 800.373.5504.


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