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Discover how to make friends as a transfer student at Regent University!

How to Make Friends as a Transfer Student

Each college comes with its own environment that takes time to adjust to, even for someone who has experienced college life.  Read on to learn how to make friends as a transfer student at your new school.

Here are several tips to help you quickly become acclimated and connected on campus.

How to Make Friends as a Transfer Student

  1. Go to Your School’s Orientation
  2. Live on Campus
  3. Join Clubs
  4. Attend Campus Events
  5. Work on Campus
  6. Form a Study Group
  7. Volunteer
  8. Spend Time on Campus

Go to Your School’s Orientation

College orientations may seem overwhelming, but they are an excellent way to make friends as a transfer student.  Transfer student orientations allow you to connect with those in a similar situation as you.

Regent University hosts a Welcome Week each year for freshmen and transfers that provides new students with many activities and opportunities to feel more at home at Regent. 

Live on Campus

Campus housing is perhaps the best way to meet people quickly.  With campus housing, you will be fully immersed in the college.  Living on campus guarantees you at least one person you will always know: your roommate.  Becoming acquainted with the people on your hall is also a very easy way to make lasting friendships as a transfer student.

Many schools offer housing specifically for transfer students. Meeting people in a similar situation can make it even easier for you to make lasting friendships at school.

Join Clubs

Clubs are incredibly easy ways to find people with similar interests on campus.  Go to a club or organization fair at the beginning of the semester to familiarize yourself with the organizations on campus and attend whatever interests you! 

Even if you do not decide to become a member of each one, you will have familiarized yourself more with what the school has to offer and can then plug yourself into the clubs that appeal to you.

Attend Campus Events

Every college has events that make it unique.  Taking to the time to attend as many as you can is a great way to make friends as a transfer student. However, campus events are more than a great way to make friends since they allow you to experience your college’s unique traditions.

Work on Campus

Whether out of necessity or for some extra pocket money, getting a job is a great way to fill any spare time you have while at college. As a transfer student, finding an on-campus job can be an easy way to make instant connections

Form a Study Group

Everyone could benefit from some extra studying.  Talk to people in your classes and set up a time for you and your classmates to get together and study. This is an excellent option if you find yourself too busy with school to socialize.


Colleges are always looking for volunteers for events, service projects, and other productions.  If you can’t find an opportunity that you like on campus, just a quick peek around the local community should widen your options. Aside from being a great way to make friends as a transfer student, volunteering can boost your resume for future jobs!

Spend Time on Campus

The only way to make friends at college is to spend time on campus. Especially in the beginning, make sure you are spending as much time as you can on campus. Make use of the student lounge, the library, and any other resources you have at your new school. Allow yourself the opportunity to meet new people.  You might find others who are looking to meet new people too!

How to Make Friends as a Transfer Student

Transferring colleges is a difficult process.  Whether you are introverted or extroverted, adapting to a new environment always comes with its challenges.  Regent is dedicated to making the transition as smooth as possible for every student. Transfer up to 75 credits, attend campus connection fairs, and get engaged with several on-campus events each semester.

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Written by Amy Dykhuizen, student writer.