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General Campus Parking Application

**Only use this form if you do not currently have a Regent decal. To make changes to existing vehicles, or add a vehicle to or delete a vehicle from your current account, click here.

Before completing this form, please read the General Parking Policies & Procedures located at the bottom of this page. At the end of the form, please initial to indicate that you have read, understand and agreed to the parking policies.

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Parking Sticker Application

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  6. Any vehicle found on campus not registered or parked illegally will be ticketed and/or towed. Please read the General Parking Policies and Procedures below before submitting this form.

    By initialing this box below you are indicating that you have read, understand and agreed to the parking policies of this form.

General Parking Policies & Procedures

All Regent University faculty, staff, and students are required to register their vehicles and motorcycles with Parking Services. A General Campus Parking Application should be submitted at

Parking decals will be sent via interoffice mail to staff and faculty, and via regular mail to students. A pick-up for a parking decal can be scheduled by contacting Parking Services at

The sticker must be placed on the inside of the windshield behind the rearview mirror, out of the line of sight. Stickers are non-transferable.

Under certain circumstances, parking designations may change. Regent University reserves the right to temporarily close a campus parking area. The changes will be communicated through announcements and email.

Please note that posted signs replace any listed designation or map in this policy.


Parking violations are $50 (For second-time offenders, it will be $75); $150 for parking in a disabled spot. The consequences of an offense may involve a ticket, a wheel clamp, or tow. If a car is towed, the violator is accountable for the cost alongside the regular violation fee. If you receive a clamp on your wheel or your vehicle is towed, please call Campus Police at 757.226.2075. All fines must be paid to the cashier in the University Business Office. For students who violate the policy, the fine will be applied to their student account.

After a parking violation has been given, any further violation will result in another ticket, a wheel clamp, or tow. Regent University reserves the right to revoke parking privileges from faculty, staff, or students who violate this policy.

Regent University reserves the right to put a wheel clamp on or tow your vehicle if your vehicle is parked in an undesignated area regardless if you have previously received a ticket or not. Regent University shall not be responsible for loss or damage to property including the vehicle as a result of towing, clamping, or otherwise.

Violations may be appealed by filing the proper form located at


All students residing in University housing must have a Regent University parking decal properly displayed in their vehicles. Parking in handicapped spaces without the proper handicap decal is prohibited. The parking lot is for vehicles, motorcycles, and mopeds. Inoperable vehicles or vehicles with expired registrations are not allowed to be parked on the property and will be towed at the student’s expense.

On-campus guests do not need a temporary parking permit.

Washing cars in the parking lot is prohibited. Driving on the grass or sidewalks is prohibited in campus housing and will result in a $100 fine for each offense. In addition, truck and trailer loading ramps must not touch grassed areas. There are no exceptions to this rule. Violators will have their vehicles towed at their expense. The speed limit in residential area parking lots is 15 MPH. Students who violate parking rules and regulations risk having their vehicle towed at their own expense.


There are numbered reserved parking spaces for full-time University faculty, and staff, and ACLJ staff available on campus. Reserved spots are enforced Monday-Friday between 6 am and 6 pm. However, certain spaces in Robertson Hall and Library parking lots are reserved 24/7. Parking in a dedicated space during enforcement hours will result in the vehicle being ticketed, a wheel being clamped, or towed. Reserved parking requests can be submitted at Parking Services will respond by email to each request.


The Communication Building Parking Lot (Lot L) is designated for visitor parking. In an effort to keep parking available for our Regent community members, visitors should refrain from parking elsewhere.


Applications for Special Guest and Event Parking can be found at For an event requiring a large number of visitors on campus, please contact Parking Services by emailing to discuss special signs, additional workforce for directing traffic, etc. Any large groups should be directed to park in the Communication parking lot. Parking Services will respond by email to each request. If approved, a place card will be given to be displayed during the duration of the reservation.


No vehicles may be left in Regent/CBN/Founders Inn parking lots overnight unless pre-authorized. Any vehicle not authorized for overnight parking will be subject to ticketing and/or towing at the owner’s expense. Vehicles left on campus overnight must be officially registered with Parking Services and display a current Regent parking sticker. Applications for Overnight/Extended Parking may be found at Parking Services will respond by email to each request. If approved, Regent University Campus Police will be notified with request information.


Permanent Disabled parking placards can be obtained through the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles. For more information, visit their website here.

For information on temporary medical parking needs, please submit a request at


The shuttle provides free transportation around campus to all Regent, Founders Inn, and CBN staff and students. Check for current hours and routes.


Every effort should be made to secure all vehicles and belongings while on campus. Regent University, CBN, and Founders Inn are not responsible for theft or damage to vehicles parked on the property. Theft and damage reports should be made to Campus Police at 757.226.2075.