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The intramural program at Regent University is a service provided by the Intramural Sports Board to all students, staff, and faculty, as well as CBN employees and spouses of any of the previous. All sports are coed and provide an opportunity for the Regent community to be involved in a variety of athletic activities in a Christian environment. For questions or suggestions involving intramurals, contact the intramural coordinator via

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Student Activities

Friday Mar. 6 – 9:30AM
Good Fridays

Saturday Mar. 7 – 1:00AM
Spring Mission Trip

Tuesday Mar. 17 – 12:00PM
C.S. Lewis Society Meeting

Tuesday Mar. 17 – 12:00PM
Federalist Society Speaker Lunch

Tuesday Mar. 17 – 12:00PM
Catholic Mass

Tuesday Mar. 17 – 12:00PM
The 20 Most Common Errors

Tuesday Mar. 17 – 12:35PM
CBN/Regent Toastmasters

Wednesday Mar. 18 – 12:00PM
University Chapel

Wednesday Mar. 18 – 12:00PM
Law Chapel

Wednesday Mar. 18 – 1:15PM
Develop the "It" Factor

Thursday Mar. 19 – 12:00PM
Fitness Luncheon

Thursday Mar. 19 – 12:00PM
Military Transition Lunch 'n Learn featuring Lindsey Germono

Thursday Mar. 19 – 6:00PM
Regent University's International Film Symposium

Thursday Mar. 19 – 8:00PM

Friday Mar. 20 – 8:00AM
Guardian Ad Litem (GAL) Certification CLE

Friday Mar. 20 – 3:00PM
Good Fridays

Friday Mar. 20 – 5:00PM
FIFA Video Game Tournament

Friday Mar. 20 – 8:00PM
So You Think You Can Dance?

Monday Mar. 23 – 4:30PM
Fitness Series: Beginners' Bootcamp II

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