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Bruce N. Cameron

Reed Larson Professor of Labor Law


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J.D., Emory University School of Law

B.A., with honors, Andrews University


Bruce Cameron teaches Religion in the Workplace, Public Sector Labor Law and administers the Right to Work Practicum. Prior to coming to Regent, he spent over thirty years litigating religious freedom and constitutional law cases in the employment context. During that time, he never lost a Title VII religious accommodation case in court. He counseled employees in virtually every state as to their rights and formally represented clients in administrative or judicial proceedings in at least 25 states.  As the director of the Freedom of Conscience Project of the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation, he continues to be actively involved in litigation with the assistance of Regent students. 

Professor Cameron is the author of 21 published articles on the topics of religion, Constitutional law, the rights of religious dissenters and labor law.  He coauthored a section of a judicial handbook entitled A Judicial Guide To Labor and Employment Law published by Lawyers Weekly Publications.   He is the author of the weekly Bible studies on the popular web site

Professor Cameron was an Andrews Scholar, an intern with the U.S. Attorney’s Office and a member of the U.S. Department of Justice Honors Program.  He is a member of the Federalist Society, the Christian Legal Society, several state bars, and a number of federal bars, including the bar of the U.S. Supreme Court.

He has appeared frequently on television and radio shows including appearances on Dr. Dobson’s Focus on the Family.   His hobbies over the years are sports cars, motorcycles, sailing and studying and teaching the Bible.

Selected Publications

Books and Monographs

Union Dues and Religious Do Nots (NRTWLDF 1996, 1999)

A Judicial Guide to Labor and Employment (Lawyers Weekly, 1990) (Coauthored a section.)

Plundering in the Public Sector (NRTWLDF 1985)

Journal Articles

Religious Accommodation in Forced Union Dues Environments, 7 Engage 122 (Mar. 2006).

“Jethro Was Right: Arbitrate, Not Litigate” Adventist Lawyer (2002).

"Caution: Agency Fee Payers Can Be Harmful to Your Financial Health," 4 Ill. Pub. Employee Relations Report 7 (Summer, 1987).

"Rebuttal: Right to Work Law Note," 14 Ga. State Bar Jrnl. 138 (Feb. 1978).

Periodical Articles

“Where Are the Bridges of Madison?,” 106 Liberty 13 (July/August 2011).

"Labor Unions and Workers Rites," 105 Liberty 26 (January/February 2010).

“Liberty and Justice for All” 101 Liberty 24 (July-Aug. 2006).

“Card Sharks and Marks” 101 Liberty 26 (Jan.-Feb. 2006).

“Your Other Right” 97 Liberty 4 (July-Aug. 2002).

“What To Do About Union Dues?” (8/30/2000).

"Union Dues and Ethical Don'ts," 41 Vision 4 (July-August, 1996).

"Labor Unions and Rights of Conscience," 76 Liberty 6 (May-June 1981).

"The Hardison Case," 72 Liberty 15 (Sept.-Oct. 1977).

Significant articles regarding Cameron or his litigation

"The NEA Inquisition," Wall Street Journal (December 18, 2000).

Interview, "Cyberspace Lawyer: Defender of the Faithful and the Faith" JD 2000 (2000).

K. Craddock, "Attorney," 14 Insight 10 (May 3, 1983).

R. Fitzgerald, "We'll Get Those Scabs," Reader's Digest, (Aug. 1981).


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