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More than just a building, the Chapel will serve as the centerpiece of campus life, providing a unifying presence and furthering spiritual life in the Regent and CBN community. As a venue for convocations, commencements, weddings and baptisms, as well as for individual reflection and prayer, the Chapel will be a special place for people to experience the presence of God.

Reflecting the classic Georgian architecture of the campus, this distinctive physical structure will be a central place of connectivity for Regent's alumni, students, faculty and staff, both today and for future generations. The Chapel will also provide a pulpit for our many ministerial students to gain practical experience while completing their studies at the School of Divinity.

Inspired by St. Martin-in-the-Fields—a London church with medieval roots that represents, for many, the archetypal church design—the 22,164 sq. ft. building will feature a 1,000-seat sanctuary to comfortably house gatherings for worship and other events. A smaller prayer room will remain open around the clock so individuals and small groups can hold Bible studies and devotions. In addition, a beautiful prayer garden with an exquisite fountain will offer individuals a welcome respite for intercession and reflection.


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"This Chapel will be more than just a building. It's being intentional about who we are and what we are. As we lay a foundation that is both literal and figurative for this place, we declare that we are set apart in a spirit of renewal."

Dr. Carlos Campo
Regent University