School of Divinity Degrees

Whether you’re looking for an accredited seminary, academic or professional degree, you’ll find a program that fits your calling at the School of Divinity. Explore our programs below.


48 Credit Hours | Completely Online or On-Campus/Online Blend

The Master of Arts (M.A.) is a professional theology degree for those who have been called to specialized ministry settings. This program underscores the importance of the application of theology to everyday life and ministry. Spiritual formation, coursework, research and internships will help you develop practical solutions to ministry challenges.

M.A. in Practical Theology — Church & Ministry
M.A. in Practical Theology — Cosmogony
M.A. in Practical Theology — Intercultural Studies
M.A. in Practical Theology — Interdisciplinary Studies
M.A. in Practical Theology — Marketplace Ministry
M.A. in Practical Theology — Practical Healing Ministry
M.A. in Practical Theology — Worship & Media


72 Credit Hours | On Campus, Completely Online or Blended

The Master of Divinity (M.Div.) degree is the traditional seminary degree that will prepare you for a professional ministry leadership role and ordination, whether in a church or parachurch organization or in a specialized ministry setting. Regent University’s School of Divinity is proud to offer one of the most-respected Master of Divinity degree programs in Virginia. This comprehensive degree incorporates elements of both the Master of Theological Studies and Master of Arts in Practical Theology degrees, and is the standard prerequisite for the Doctor of Ministry, Doctor of Philosophy and other post-graduate degrees. Students planning to pursue ordination or terminal degrees should consult providers of those opportunities to determine specific requirements.

M.Div. — Biblical Studies
M.Div. — Chaplain Ministry
M.Div. — Christian Theology
M.Div. — Church & Ministry
M.Div. — History of Christianity
M.Div. — Intercultural Studies
M.Div. — Interdisciplinary Studies
M.Div. — Marketplace Ministry
M.Div. — Missional Discipleship
M.Div. — Practical Healing Ministry
M.Div. — Worship & Media


48 Credit Hours | On Campus, Completely Online or Blended

The online Master of Theological Studies (MTS) program provides a graduate-level understanding of several theological disciplines for further graduate study or for general educational. This seminary program for online students will prepare you for theological research, writing and theology teacher training by offering a general foundation in theological studies and an opportunity to specialize in a concentrated area.

MTS — Biblical Studies
MTS — Christian Theology
MTS — History of Christianity
MTS — Interdisciplinary Studies


24 Credit Hours | On Campus, Online or Blended

In just one year of study in Regent’s advanced Master of Theology (Th.M.) program, you can acquire specialized knowledge beyond your M.Div., M.A. or MTS degree to enhance your professional competence in one of nine areas of study: Biblical Studies, Christian Leadership, Christian Spiritual Formation, Christian Theology, Church & Ministry, Evangelism & Church Development, History of Christianity, Intercultural Studies, or Pastoral Theology. Our 24-credit-hour Th.M. program, conveniently offered on campus, online or in a blended format, will provide you with the specialized training and intensive theological research and methodology required for advancement in church or marketplace ministry, teaching at the university level or entry into a doctoral program.

Advanced standing is available for those who complete the Th.M. and choose to pursue Regent’s Ph.D. in Renewal Theology.

Th.M. — Biblical Studies
Th.M. — Christian Leadership
Th.M. — Christian Spiritual Formation
Th.M. — Christian Theology
Th.M. — Church & Ministry
Th.M. — Evangelism & Church Development
Th.M. — History of Christianity
Th.M. — Intercultural Studies
Th.M. — Pastoral Theology


36 Credit Hours | Contextual Cohort Model | Minimal Residency (1 to 1.5 weeks each semester)

The Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.) degree is an ideal professional and terminal degree for those who serve the church in congregational or pulpit ministries, institutional or military chaplaincies, counseling ministries, missions agencies, parachurch organizations, or other ministry settings where advanced leadership skills are essential. You will be renewed spiritually and professionally as you gain new critical and analytical thinking tools to address your greatest areas of need in ministry.

D.Min. — Christian Leadership & Renewal
D.Min. — Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE)
D.Min. — Community Transformation
D.Min. — Military Ministry
D.Min. — Ministry Leadership Coaching


48 Credit Hours* | Contextual Cohort Model | Minimal Residency (2 weeks each semester)

The Doctor of Philosophy, Renewal Theology (Ph.D.) allows you to obtain your degree while remaining within your life or career context. This terminal degree provides Christian education for teachers and researchers in theological colleges and universities, and scholarly enhancement for those serving the Renewal movement worldwide. Students explore both the academic and spiritual aspects of biblical studies, history and theology to enhance their studies and research acumen. Graduates are prepared to contribute to the wider conversation of the theological academy from a Renewal perspective.

* 48 credit hours do not include comprehensive exams and dissertation.

Ph.D. in Renewal Theology — Biblical Studies
Ph.D. in Renewal Theology — Christian Theology
Ph.D. in Renewal Theology — History of Christianity
Ph.D. in Renewal Theology — Practical Theology