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School of Law (JD & LL.M.)



Term Start Dates
Undergraduate & Graduate Students*

Fall 2017
Start Dates
Full Semester August 21, 2017
August Session (A)  August 21, 2017
September Session (M)** September 18, 2017
October Session (B) October 23, 2017
Spring 2018
Start Dates
Full Semester January 16, 2018
January Session (C) January 16, 2018
February Session (T)** February 12, 2018
March Session (D) March 19, 2018
Summer 2018
Start Dates
Full Semester May 14, 2018
May Session (E) May 14, 2018
June Session (F) June 25, 2018

* The Full Semester start date is the only enrollment option for School of Law JD and LL.M. students.

** This term is available to all new students requiring UNIV 100 or UNIV 500.