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Heidi Baker Ministers at Regent

By Amanda Morad | October 31, 2012

Heidi Baker ministers to students.

With an international ministry to the poor that touches thousands across the world and a smile that can illuminate any room, missionary Heidi Baker visited Regent University on Wednesday, Oct. 24, for a special evening chapel service. The event was sponsored by Campus Ministries and also featured Regent's worship team.

Baker's message was simple and straightforward: "Stop for the one," she said. As part of the mission of the Bakers' outreach, Iris Ministries, Heidi and her husband Rolland have lived these four words for more than 30 years. "I don't know what love is if it doesn't look like something," she told students, emphasizing the power of love in action through meeting the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the poor, one person at a time.

"I came because God wants to get you and send you all over the world," she began. "Even if you're the most amazing person who ever walked the planet, you still need more of God, and when you find out how much Daddy loves you, you're not afraid to give your life away."

Baker's international missions work has been marked by miraculous healings and moves of the Holy Spirit, the likes of which are rarely reported in the Western world. Part of her desire for the service, however, was for students to be commissioned into the work God is calling them to.

"[God] wants you, all of you," Baker said. "It's going to cost you everything, but He's worthy. Where else would you want to give your life?"

Baker referenced Jesus' demonstration of love to His disciples before He was crucified—He got down low and washed their feet. "When you get down and you get low, you're demonstrating the love of God," she said. "Love looks like service." Baker then told a story of a poor, sickly, elderly woman in an African village being healed with a cup of water and plate of food.

"We hear a lot about the big picture, but allow me to call you into the little picture, into a daily life of radical love," she said. "It's not complicated; it's just every day letting love manifest in your life."

Baker encouraged students to trust God with their lives. "Where are the young radical lovers with the callings and qualifications who want to give themselves not because they can't do anything else, but because He's worthy?" she challenged. "Don't tithe your life to God. He's worthy of everything."

The service concluded with a time of worship and commissioning prayer.

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