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Joint Chapel Features Pastor Mosa Sono

By Amanda Morad | February 7, 2012

Pastor Mosa Sono Photo by Alex Perry

Having traveled thousands of miles across seven time zones, Pastor Mosa Sono of Grace Bible Church in Soweto, South Africa, spoke at a joint chapel with Regent University and the Christian Broadcasting Network on Monday, Feb. 6. The service also featured Regent International Center for Worship artist-in-residence, Adlan Cruz, who bookended the service with ovation-earning piano selections.

Sono leads one of the largest church networks in South Africa with 12 locations from Cape Town to Johannesburg. He and his wife Gege are visiting Regent for several days, and Sono will be a featured speaker on African leadership at Regent's annual Global Roundtable on Feb. 9. His encouraging message at chapel focused
on keeping the faith and finishing well.

"Whatever God has called us to do, we don't want to fizzle out halfway through," Sono said. He explained that many ministers start out in their early 20s with gusto, but many give up before they reach 60, or even 40.

"What the Bible emphasizes so much to us is about finishing, not just starting," he explained, quoting several Scriptures in the New Testament about running the proverbial race and finishing well. "Finishing what we started will require endurance," Sono said. He provided six key points to build what he called "staying power" in walking out God's call.

First, he said, Christians must build an in-Christ consciousness, which "helps us to focus on God's ability instead of our weaknesses." Sono cited Ephesians 2:10 as a reference for times of doubt. "We are God's handiwork," he quoted, "like a piece of art in his hands. He has put all within us we need for our calling, for our assignment."

Second, Christians must build a healthy walk with God. "Those who stay on course have two basic disciplines: constant and consistent prayer, and study of the Word of God," said Sono. He also noted fasting and solitude as spiritual disciplines worth pursuing.

Third, Christians must build balance into their lives. "What we're called to do takes quite a long time. It's a marathon. We have to pace ourselves," Sono reminded the audience. He also encouraged Christians to take time for rest and to set the right priorities.

Fourth, Christians must nourish their gifts and talents. "To function in our gifting, we have to grow in our gifting," Sono said. "Learn all you can to nourish your gift."

Fifth, Sono encouraged chapelgoers to speak positively into their lives. "We must learn to guard what we say about ourselves and say what God says about us," he explained.

Finally, Sono said, Christians must build accountability into their lives. "Charisma only lasts so long. It's character that gives us staying power in our calling," he said.

"What people remember about us most is how we end our lives," Sono concluded. "God wants us to finish well."

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