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J.D., Syracuse University College of Law

B.A., State University of New York at Albany

Professor 2000 to present, Regent University School of Law, 1998-present; John Brown McCarty Professor of Family Law, 1999-2001; Assistant Professor, 1993-98

Managing Partner, Webster & Kohm, Groton, NY, 1990-93
Associate, Evan L. Webster, Groton, NY, 1989-90

Virginia State Bar Family Law Section Board of Governors, 1997-2000

Virginia Real Estate Appraisers Board, 1997-2001

Governor's Advisory Board on Child Abuse and Neglect, 1999-2000

Virginia State Bar Education Section Newsletter Co-Editor

Certified Guardian ad Litem

Member, Concerned Women for America

Member, Eagle Forum

Member, Rotary International 1989-93

Admitted: New York, Florida, Massachusetts, Virginia, District of Columbia.


Lynne Marie Kohm is the John Brown McCarty Professor of Family Law at Regent University School of Law. She earned her law degree from Syracuse College of Law and is a graduate of Albany University. She was honored with the Chancellor’s Award for Faculty Excellence as the Regent University Professor of the year in 2005 for her work in defending marriage, equality issues in estate planning, training lawyers in family restoration, and discipling female law students.

Professor Kohm has published prolifically on legal areas of concern to families, including marriage, women, children, families, trusts, and support obligations at death. She teaches Family Law, Wills, Trusts & Estates, Elder Law, Bioethics, and Gender and the Law. She teaches law students and lawyers many of the legal concepts and techniques that assist individuals and families in planning for incapacity and estate distribution. Her most popular book is Estate Planning Success for Women, which has been nominated for several awards because of its unique perspective on women and their influence over the transfer of wealth in the next generation.

Prior to teaching, Professor Kohm practiced law in New York concentrating in the areas of estate planning, probate administration, real estate and family law. She is licensed to practice law in Virginia, New York, Florida, Massachusetts and the District of Columbia. She is also a Certified Guardian ad Litem. Her professional affiliations include and have included the Virginia State Bar Family Law Section Board of Governors, Virginia Bar Association Domestic Relations Council, Christian Legal Society, American Bar Association, Eagle Forum, Alliance Defense Fund, Concerned Women for America, and Bethany Christian Services. Lynne Marie Kohm has a missionary heart, having served with the full-time staff of Campus Crusade for Christ for six years prior to and during law school. She and her husband Joe have home schooled their two children.


Scholarly Publications: Book Chapters & Book Publications

Book Chapters

Death of the Obligor, in J. Thomas Oldham's Child Support (1998).

Marriage By Design, Chapter 3 of Marriage and Same-Sex Unions, A Debate, Lynn D. Wardle, Mark Strasser, William C. Duncan and David Orgon Coolidge, Eds. 78-90 (2003).

Virginia Domestic Relations Handbook, Margaret F. Brinig and Lynn Marie Kohm, Lexus Law Publishing (1999 Supplement) (2003).

Book Publications

Lynn D. Wardle, Mark S. Strasser, Lynne Marie Kohm, Family Law From Multiple Perspectives (WEST 2014).

The Christian Guide to Wills, Living Trusts and Estate Planning: How to plan your estate for an eternity of benefits, with Mark James (2007).

Family Manifesto: What went wrong with the moral base for the family and how to restore it (William S. Hein Co. 2006)

Estate Planning Success for Women, with Mark James (2005).

Scholarly Publications: Articles

Cohabitation and the Renaissance of Marriage (co-authored with Karen M. Groen), Regent U. L. Rev. (2005).

The State of Marriage in America and in Virginia, 53 Va. Lawyer 23 (Feb. 2005).

Does Marriage Make Good Business? Examining the Notion of Employer Endorsement of Marriage, 25 Whittier L. Rev. 563 (2004); cited in 6 U. Pa. J. Lab. & Emp. Law 865 (Spring 2004); Selected Current Bibliography on Labor & Employment Law, 98 Nw. U. L. Rev. 579 (2004); Daniel W. Olivas, Tennessee Considers Adopting the Louisiana Covenant Marriage Act: A Law Waiting to be Ignored, 71 Tenn. L. Rev. 769 (2004).

Moral Realism and the Adoption of Children by Homosexuals, 38 New Eeg. L. Rev. 643 (2004) in Symposium: Same-sex Marriages: Can Anyone Show Just Cause Why These Two Should Not be Lawfully Joined? cited in Mark Strasser, Adoption and the Best Interests of the Child: On the Use and Abuse of Studies, 38 New Eng. L. Rev. 629 (2004).

Sociocultural Issues, the Law and the Future of our Civilization, National Association of Research and Therapy of Homosexuality Collected Papers (NARTH 2003).

Prom Mom Killers: Distorted Statistics, Blame Shift, and Their Impact on Punishment for Neonaticide, 9 William & Mary Women's L. J. 43 (Fall 2002) (with Scott Liverman), cited in Amy D. Wills,  Neonaticide: The Necessity of Syndrome Evidence When Safe Haven Legislation Falls Short,  77 Temp. L. Rev. 1001 (Winter 2004).  


Scholarly Presentations

Why do I need a Will?, Campus Crusade for Christ, Int'l Staff Training (Wills Seminar), Fort Collins, Colo. (July 1997).

Who's in Charge? Parent's Rights vs. Children's Rights?, research presentation and address at Youth Entertainment Studios and Regent University's Center for Faith and Culture and Institute for Educational Policy Conference (Dangerous Minds: Cultivating Character and Civility in Our Youth) (April 1997).

Divorce Reform: Restoring Civic Virtue in Family Law: Re-examining No-Fault Divorce, address at ACLJ/Regent University conference (Restoring Civic Virtue) (Feb. 1996).


Television, Radio, Internet and Newspaper

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Curious about how your faith will impact your legal calling? Do you want to positively impact our culture? If so, Professor Lynne Kohm has something to share with you.