Transfer and Visiting Applicants

Students who have completed one full year of law school at an accredited institution, are in good standing, and are eligible to continue at that institution may apply to law school for admission as a transfer applicant.

A maximum of 32 semester credits or 45 quarter-credits may be accepted as law school transfer credits. Only courses with grades of C (or equivalent) or better that are equivalent to courses at Regent Law or have acceptable course content will be accepted. The law school will not accept the transfer of the student’s grade point average from the previous law school for any reason. All law school transfer students are required to take LAW 511 Christian Foundations of Law.

Read additional transfer credit and course stipulations, including information on Constitutional Law enrollment and credit requirements.

Transfer applicants should submit the initial application via LSAC by June 1. Transcripts from the original law school should be provided as soon as possible but before July 1.

To be considered for admission, a transfer applicant must:

  • Hold a Spring cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher
  • Submit Regent's JD application for admission
  • Submit a $50 application fee
  • Submit a law services Credential Assembly Service (CAS) report
  • Submit spring law school transcript from current school
  • Submit a letter of good academic standing from current law school
  • Submit a law school faculty letter of recommendation
  • Submit a Clergy/Spiritual Life letter of recommendation. Regent Law strongly encourages applicants to submit a Clergy/Spiritual Life Recommendation from a pastor, spiritual leader, or someone who can comment on the role of faith in the applicant's life. (Applicants are strongly encouraged to use Regent Law's Clergy/Spiritual Life Recommendation Form.)

    If this is not possible, applicants may substitute a General Recommendation from an employer. If this is not possible, submit a General Recommendation from someone else who can speak to the applicant's character and other qualifications for legal study.

Students who have completed two full years of law school at another institution and are in good standing and eligible to continue at that school may apply as a visiting student upon confirmation that all work completed at Regent will be accepted by the law school from which the applicant will graduate.

Visiting applicants must submit Regent Law's JD application according to the instructions for visiting applicants outlined therein.

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