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Certificate in Advancing Leadership (CAL)

The Certificate in Advancing Leadership is designed for educators and administrators who would like to advance their skills and knowledge in special education leadership. These post-master's classes provide continuing education for special education teachers and administrators, and will train them on how to understand and assist with the special education needs within their school division.

Certificate Highlights:

  • Course offered online
  • All three courses (8 credit hours) may be transferred into the Ed.S. in Educational Leadership
  • Emphasis on the latest research and up-to-date regulations in special education
  • Cost: $200 per credit hour

Required Courses:

  • ETSP/GSAS 670 Special Education Supervision of Program & Instruction (3 credits)
  • ETSP/GSAS 671 Research & Assessment to Inform Practice in Special Education (3 credits)
  • EFND/GSAS 698 Professional Project (2 credits)

Course Overviews:

  • ETSP/GSAS 670 Special Education Supervision of Programs & Instruction (3) This course will cover the topics unique to supervision and administration of special education teachers and classes. The components of effective special education instruction and curriculum across the continuum of services (e.g. consultative, pull-out, resource, self-contained, through inclusion) will be highlighted. Though supervision of instruction and programs in all areas of special education will be covered including the high incidence areas of Learning Disabilities, Speech/Language Impairment, Mental Retardation, Emotional Disturbance, Attention Deficit (included in Other Health Impairment), and Autism, low incidence areas will also be covered. Leadership support of special educators will also cover the establishment of proper physical settings/climate conducive to learning for all students including those with disabilities. Such topics as components of successful schools, effectiveness research, supervision of adults, collaboration, assessment, instruction, curriculum and change will also be discussed.
  • ETSP/GSAS 671 Research & Assessment to Inform Practice in Special Education (3) The course focuses on assessing the exceptional child and using research to impact practice. An emphasis is placed on measuring the child’s abilities, diagnosing his or her strengths and needs and using this assessment data to inform instruction. Formal and informal tests and evaluations used in special education programs are examined. The interpretation and analysis of data to enhance school improvement plans is also addressed. Basic instructional, assessment, and behavioral recommendations are discussed with an emphasis being placed on current research, effective practice, and the application of assessment results and research to practice.
  • EFND/GSAS 698 Professional Project (2) Participants will work with faculty to investigate current special topics in special education. A literature review of research-based topics will result in an individually designed project and/or paper that applies these topics to best practice in the field. Emphasis will be placed on the concept of applying research to practice in our data-driven schools with special focus on how leaders support special education with regard to but not limited to supervision, curriculum, instruction, assessment, law, finance, or other special education topics that impact the larger school population and are pertinent to all leaders.

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