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This site is designed to provide faculty and staff with information on Regent and School of Education policies and procedures, as well as general information on where to find various resources. If you have questions regarding the information listed below, please contact Diane Morgan at or (757) 352-4220 or Gloria Ross at or (757) 352-4260.

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General Information

Remote Access to Desktop from off Campus

  1. Log into the MyRegent Portal (also found in the dropdown menu near the top of all Regent webpages)
  2. On the left side under “MyRegent Home”, click on the Information Technology(IT) link
  3. In the middle of the page under “IT Links: click on “Faculty/Staff Forms”
  4. Click on the “VPN Request” request link
  5. Fill in the respective information as needed
  6. If you are requesting the Remote Desktop function that allows you to access everything as if you are sitting at your desk, you will need to enter the 6 digit ID Bar Code found on your desktop computer. 

Electronic Signature Approval

Contact Brandon Watson in IT at ext. 4073 to find out if your computer has Adobe Acrobat Pro X. If it does not, walk through the steps with Brandon Watson to download Adobe Acrobat Pro X. (Unfortunately not everyone at IT understand this process, and Brandon Watson is the best person to talk to because he does). Once your computer has the appropriate software, you can use it for electronic signatures on two types of documents. The instructions depend on which type you are using:

If the document you need to add your electronic signature approval to already has a signature field:

  1. Double click on the signature field in the document
  2. Click “A new digital ID I want to create now”
  3. Click “Next”
  4. Select “New PKCS#2”
  5. Click “Next”
  6. Fill out the information
  7. Click “Next”
  8. Set up a password
  9. Click “Finish”
  10. Type in your password
  11. Sign document
  12. Save your document in the appropriate location

If the document you need to add your electronic signature approval to does not already have a signature field:

  • Open the document you need your electronic signature approval on
  • On top right corner you will click “Sign”
  • Click “Work with certificates”
  • Click “Sign certificates”
  • Drag new signature rectangle
  • Place your signature field where you want it in the document
  • Enter your password
  • Sign document
  • Save your document in the appropriate location

Phone Instructions

Transferring a call

  • If your phone is the new phone with Nortel Networks and a 4 x 4 screen, press “Transfer”, then the person’s extension, then press “Connect,” and then hang up.
  • If you phone is the older model, press the “Transfer” button, then the person’s extension, and then “Transfer” again. 

Setting up a conference call

  • Press CONFERENCE key (first call is placed on consultation hold)
  • Dial number
  • Announce conference
  • Press CONFERENCE key again
  • Repeat procedure for additional conferees (up to a total of six parties)

Requesting a laptop and/or projector

  • Request a laptop either the day before you need it, or at latest the morning of the day you need it. Laptops must be set up to link you to Regent's network, and this process can take anywhere from 15 minutes to 30 minutes. Please plan on this when you come in to request one. You will need to be present for the set up to enter your username and password.
  • Request a data projector at least the day before or the morning of the day you need it. Please understand that the set up can take you up to 30 minutes.

Steps to operate the projector:

  1. As aforementioned, be sure to request your projector with plenty of time before it is needed
  2. Allow up to 30 minutes for you to set it up before your scheduled meeting
  3. Turn on projector before turning on your laptop
  4. Push “F4” key when laptop is on
  5. Open your Slideshow and make sure it is visible from projector

Scanning a document

Follow these steps using the copy machine on the 2nd floor:

  1. Enter your copy code
  2. Put paper to be scanned in the top feeder
  3. Select All Services
  4. Select Email
  5. Select To
  6. Enter your email address (be sure to type the whole address with
  7. Press Enter
  8. On screen that appears, look for Address List
  9. Press TO (should have your name)
  10. Press START
  11. When completed press Clear All (twice)
  12. Press log out

Getting Help for Printer Problems

Contacting IT when your printer is low on ink or not working

  • Go to MyRegent Portal and enter your username and password
  • Click on Information Technology (IT) on the left side of the screen
  • Click No in the box asking "Do you want to view only the webpage content that was delivered securely?"
  • Click on “Faculty/Staff Forms”
  • Click on “Toner Request”
  • A box will drop down for you to fill out concerning your office printer:
    • Type in your name
    • Type in your email address
    • Type in your phone extension
    • Type “Black”
    • Type either the Asset Tag number (which will be on the top of your printer or the Printer Name (ex. EduLJ600a)
    • Click the “Submit” button

Contacting IT when your printer is not working

  • Email and describe the problem (ex. EduLJ600a has a paper jam)
  • Call 352-4076
  • Be sure your email or phone message includes your contact information in case they need to reach you

Getting Help for Copier Problems

  • Email and describe the problem (ex Admin 2nd floor copier is out of paper, or Admin 2nd floor copies is out of tone, or Admin 2nd floor copier has a paper jam)Call 352-4191
  • Be sure your email or phone message includes your contact information in case they need to reach you 

Note: Copies should be kept to a minimum. Please scan and send items electronically to reduce paper costs and waste.

Sending a Fax

Faxing through email

The document you want to “fax” must be PDF format. This means when you save your Excel spreadsheet, Word document, etc., it must be saved as a .pdf rather than .doc, .xls., or other format.

  1. Open a new email.
  2. Delete any content (signatures, pictures,..) as this will confuse the computer server that converts your email to fax format. You will receive an error email if your fax was not successful. This could be one of the reasons it is not successful.
  3. Attach the document(s) you want to fax. If you would like a cover sheet to be the first page of the fax you are sending, be sure to attach that .pdf FIRST and then the additional pdf files. The server will then combine those attachments into one fax (first page being whatever you attached first).
  4. In the “To” put the following for internal faxes (On campus faxes): fax=the department’s four digit fax number  Example:
  5. For external faxes (anything outside of Regent – hotels, schools, individuals that own fax machines, etc.): fax=out number (9), long distance (1), area code, seven digit phone Example: (this is a legit fax number to a Hampton Inn in Manassas. Obviously if the number is local, just like a phone call, you do not need to include the long distance (1) or the area code. But do not forget the out number “9”)
  6. Send away!
  7. Check your inbox for confirmation email.


  • Internal faxes: (fax extension)
  • Local External faxes: (9, fax number)
  • Long Distance faxes: (9, 1, area code, fax number)

Note: If you do this through the copier then the steps are longer. It’s probably best to just scan/email a hard copy document to yourself and then fax it through your inbox rather than at the copier. Then you have the record of the sent “fax” in your personal sent folder. But if you do want to send through the copier, be sure to change the “From” or else you have no way of tracking if it was sent correctly (the “from” on the copier is the “Admin Floor”…cyberspace).

Travel Expenses and Reimbursement

  • Include as many details for your trip as possible, including time and date of departure, time and date of return, address of destination (if you need me to provide you with directions), any others I might need to make your travel arrangements.
  • You must give at least one week’s notice before you plan on leaving for a trip--no exceptions.
  • International trips require you to submit a special form.
  • The Business Office’s policy is that all copies of receipts must be submitted, including miscellaneous items from your trip (excluding meals) no later than 5 days after trip.
  • If you are traveling past Williamsburg, please request a rental*; If you are traveling locally (Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, etc.) please use your own vehicle and your miles will be reimbursed.
  • Please specify which Enterprise location, and if you will pick up the rental from their office or from Regent. Additionally, please save receipts from Enterprise and get them to our office.
  • Faculty have a $754 yearly limit for travel. If your trip exceeds this amount, any remaining costs of your trip must be covered by personal funds.
  • Refer to the University’s travel policies, especially “Non-Reimbursable Expenses.”
  • Hotel accommodations can be prepaid or you can pay and then we reimburse you, so it is very important you bring back your receipts.
  • If you are traveling on Regent business and must leave your car on campus, register your vehicle so that it is not subject to towing. More information on parking procedures and regulations can be found online.

*You must have an accidental pamphlet and an insurance ID card in the Enterprise vehicle at all times

Meal Expenses and Reimbursement

  • A meal expense per diem of $38 per day is allowed for employees traveling on university business.  If you spend less than $38, you keep the difference.  If you spend more than $38, you must cover the excess from personal funds. While the cost of any one meal may exceed the allowance, you may economize on some meals to offset the more costly ones.
  • If you receive a sufficient meal provided by the conference or the hotel, please do not also claim per diem for that meal.
  • It is expected that for partial days of travel at the beginning and end of a trip, the employee will utilize the per diem rates for the meals required away from home.  The following schedule will help you identify when you should claim a per diem meal on travel days:
Meal Per diem Requirements
Breakfast $8.00

Must depart home prior to 7:00 AM

Lunch $10.00

On Departure: Must depart home/Regent prior to 11:30 AM     On Return: Must return home/Regent after 1:30 PM

Dinner $20.00

On Departure: Must depart home/Regent prior to 5:00 PM     On Return: Must return home after 7:00 PM

The information provided above is subject to change due to department or University updates. For clarification or assistance with any of these topics, contact Diane Morgan at or (757) 352-4220 or Gloria Ross at or (757) 352-4260.


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