Bruce Smith

D.Min. ‘06

"Spreading the gospel through Bible translation."

“Every Verse, Every Tongue, Every Task.” That’s the mission of Wycliffe Associates, an organization dedicated to playing a significant role in making sure the Bible will be available in every person’s language. As CEO of Wycliffe Associates, Divinity alum, Bruce Smith, has a hand in ensuring those who want the Bible translated into their own language have a chance of receiving it.

Bruce completed his Doctor of Ministry degree from Regent in 2006—and three years later was named Alumnus of the Year by Regent, acknowledging his vital contribution to the Great Commission. He has dedicated the past 10 years of his life to the company whose mission recognizes God’s Word as central to everything they do.

When asked about his role in Bible translation, he had this to say: “My heart breaks for people who live beyond the reach for God’s Word. Some are isolated by geography, politics or illiteracy. I’ve seen the Bible transform the lives of men and women living in the most desperate circumstances of the world—in poverty, war, sickness and ignorance. I see Christians in other nations experience their own reformation when, for the first time in their lives, they hear God’s voice in their own language.”

Last year alone, 4,100 Wycliffe volunteers served in 49 countries in support of Bible translation. And Bruce and Wycliffe Associates will continue to need such support as they endeavor to meet the goals of Vision 2025—a bold initiative to see God’s Word reach every language still needing Scripture by the year 2025.

*Bruce’s story has been adapted from Cheryl McKay’s article entitled, “Truth in Translation.” (Christian Leader Magazine. Winter/Spring 2010, 49-41).