School of Psychology & Counseling

Employment Opportunities -
Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology (Psy.D.)

Regent alumni have been very successful in obtaining professional positions in a wide range of settings. The primary purpose of our program is to train psychologists for a career in professional practice. Our training model is designed to meet typical licensing requirements for psychologists in Virginia and many other states. Students are encouraged to regularly review current licensure requirements in the state in which they desire licensure in order to fulfill any unique training experiences that may be required outside of Virginia.

Our students have successfully obtained professional employment in faith-based Christian group practices, Veterans Administration Centers, active-duty psychology slots in the U.S. military, psychiatric hospitals, community mental health centers, correctional institutions, university teaching positions, university counseling programs and a variety of specialty settings such as post-doctoral fellowships in neuropsychology.

One of the more attractive features of professional psychology is the career versatility it affords to its professionals. Psychologists have broad and expanding scopes of practice in many health and mental health arenas. Often psychologists engage in a wide range of activities that vary throughout the course of their careers. The Department of Labor's Occupational Outlook Handbook predicts that jobs will grow at a faster than average rate for psychologists during the upcoming years. Additional information about careers in psychology can be obtained from the career area of the American Psychological Association website.

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