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Andy Yarborough
“Regent is serious about you fostering your identity in Christ and expressing it through the identity of psychology.”

Andy Yarborough
Psy.D. Program
CACREP Quality Matters Program

Christian Integration -
Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology (Psy.D.)

Our curriculum trains psychologists in a manner consistent with biblical truths and a historic Christian worldview. The Regent model is called “integration across the curriculum.” Each core course and elective has integration objectives that are tied to the specific course content. For example, one of our integration objectives for students studying psychopathology is that they “will be exposed to major concepts in the field of psychopathology as they relate to the mandate for a Christian approach to healing and intervention.”  In this course students can expect the instructor to both guide and join students in understanding the role and effect of the fallen human condition on mental health and well-being.

Regent is so committed to integration that we sponsor several distinct tracks that guide a student's program of study and aid in applied, clinical integration of Christian faith and practice.  These tracks are child psychology, marriage and family, health psychology, and program consultation.  In these integration tracks students are exposed to faculty-run institutes including:

Each of these institutes provides students with unique opportunities to work closely with faculty who are actively engaged in the applied integration of psychology and a Christian worldview. So, Christian integration at Regent is holistic in nature and extends well beyond the classroom.

Students play an active role in the faith life of the Regent community. Many voluntary spiritual service and leadership roles are available for students. These range from leading brief course devotions, assisting with spiritual services (such as the internship commissioning service or chapel worship teams) to serving as a school chaplain. Students that desire to serve in these optional corporate spiritual roles are expected to share Regent's understanding of its core doctrinal commitments as reflected in the university's statement of faith.

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