The Virginia Beach Bash

Stage and Screen Combat Workshop

What is the Virginia Beach Bash?

Regent University's Department of Theatre Arts is proud to host this Society of American Fight Directors (SAFD) sanctioned Regional Workshop.

Virginia Beach Bash 2017

Saturday and Sunday
April 1-2, 2017
Regent University Communication
& Performing Arts Building,
Virginia Beach, Va.

Details on the 2017 Bash coming in January.

BASH 2017 class schedule and class descriptions

“Please note that changes to the schedule may occur up until the actual class time at the Bash.  This schedule is provided as references and guidelines regarding what to expect at this year’s Bash.”

"The Virginia Beach Bash" features nationally and internationally recognized experts in the art and craft of teaching and staging combat for the stage and screen as well as techniques for capturing and editing action for TV and film. This workshop is geared primarily to those who have an interest in historical and cultural martial arts forms and techniques as adjusted for performance, and filmmakers interested in capturing and treating action and the visual conveyance of narrative through action. The workshop appeals most to actors, directors, fight directors, stunt performers, filmmakers (e.g. directors, editors, post production), Renaissance Fair actors and historical event re-enactors.

Classes are offered at the beginning, intermediate and advanced levels and include instruction in a wide spectrum of styles and weaponry from both Western and Asian cultures as well as opportunities to direct, film, edit and treat action sequences. Participants interested in filmmaking will receive instruction and have the opportunity to film and edit action, and coordinate with a director and stunt coordinator.

Virginia Beach Bash 2017 Features:

SAFD Fight Master

Dale Girard
SAFD Fight Master



Richard Clabaugh
Paul Burke
Special Guest Instructor

Richard Clabaugh
Special Guest Instructor

Event Information:

SAFD - Skills Proficiency Renewals (SPRs)

For SAFD members who would like to renew proficiency, SPRs will be available in selected weapons and styles. With the exception of certain special guests, all instructors are certified by the SAFD.

Past classes have included:

  • 18th c. Small sword
  • Capturing Action
  • Medieval Broadsword
  • Enhancing Action Through Special Effects
  • Double Sword
  • Editing Action Sequences
  • Shaolin Staff
  • The Sound of the Fight
  • Unarmed Stage Combat
  • Basic Knife Fighting Technique
  • Laban Action Verbs and Stage Combat
  • Firearm Safety (Including semi-auto and black powder weapons for the stage and screen as well as squib detonation.)
  • Lessac Energy States and Stage Combat
  • Finding the Beats and Acting the Fight
  • Ancient Greek Sword and Shield Technique
  • Renaissance Rapier and Dagger
  • Axe Handle Fights
  • Swashbuckling to the Music of Eric Wolfgang Korngold
  • Mismatched weapons (rapier vs. broadsword; rapier vs. smallsword, etc.)
  • Grappling Techniques
  • Quarterstaff
  • High Falls
  • Whip
  • Hong Kong/Asian Style Unarmed
  • Shaolin knife fighting techniques
  • Concealed Draw (firearms)
  • Tactical Long Gun (rifle)
  • Stunt demos (burns, falls, jerk cord)
  • Precision driving


Regent University
1000 Regent University Dr.
Virginia Beach, VA 23464
Phone: 757.352.4730


Regent University Department of Theatre Arts

Sponsor and Coordinator:

Dr. Michael Kirkland, Coordinator
MFA Acting Program
Regent University
Phone: 757.352.4730

Assistant Coordinator:

Britain Willcock


Phone: 517-745-6138


$275.00 General Registration (2 days)
$250.00 Early General Registration (2 days) ends March 7, 2016
$265.00 2-Day Registration: Union Members (AEA; SAG; AFTRA; VPA; WIFV)
$245.00 2-Day Current SAFD Member Registration
$175.00 One Day Registration
$155.00 Single-Day Registration: Union Members (AEA; SAG; AFTRA; VPA; WIFV)
$145.00 Current SAFD Member Single-Day Registration

Registration includes price of BASH T-Shirt (Free t-shirt cannot be guaranteed if registration occurs after March 25th)

  • 100 percent refund if withdrawal occurs before March 10, 2017
  • 50 percent refund if withdrawal occurs before March 24, 2017
  • No refunds after 11:00 p.m., on March 24, 2017

Teaching Staff*

*Staff is subject to change without notice


The Virginia Beach BASH typically utilizes four to five Interns (who assist the instructors) and two to three Journey-persons (who assist the interns). Intern positions are restricted to SAFD members at the actor-combatant level or higher. Journey-persons will be chosen on the strength of their experience and recommendations, but we need NOT have yet achieved Actor-Combat status. All Intern and Journeyman applicants should submit a letter of intent, resume and two to three letters of recommendation to Kevin Inouye at:

Deadline for Application: February 21, 2017.

Stage Weapons

Regent University's Theatre Arts Department has a modest armory that consists of about a dozen each of the following: knives, rapiers, daggers, broadswords, small swords, shields and quarterstaffs. These weapons will be made available on a first-come, first-served basis to registered participants. Participants are encouraged to bring their own personal stage weapons.

Weapons Policy


Please be cognizant of the fact that Campus Security will NOT react positively if theatrical weapons are displayed in public. Be sure to place all stage weapons in carrying cases or bags when moving about campus or from your vehicle to the Communication and Performing Arts Center.

Skill Levels

A note about skill levels: participants of all skill levels are welcome and classes will be designated either "beginning," "intermediate" or "advanced." To help you decide which section is best for you, please consider the following guidelines:

If the following applies to you, you will probably be more comfortable at the Beginner level:

  • Have little or no experience
  • Have performed fights in a show, but have not taken classes
  • Have taken a few classes
  • Have taken quite a few classes, but not tested with the SAFD
  • Have passed the SAFD Actor/Combatant skills test in three weapons, then stopped studying; or allowed your recognition to lapse
  • Have not taken a class in the past year

If you the following applies to you, you will probably be more comfortable at the Advanced level:

  • Have studied consistently for at least two years
  • Have passed the SAFD Actor/Combatant skills test in more than three weapons (or equivalent)
  • Have continued your studies following testing
  • Have kept your skills and test status current

If your skills fall somewhere in between these criteria, you are probably on the intermediate level.

These are only guidelines, to which there may be exceptions. But for the safety and enjoyment of all participants, we ask that you be realistic in your assessment of your skills. The Workshop reserves the right to make final determination of a student's skill level.


There is an excellent hotel on campus, The Founders Inn and Spa. It has a three-star restaurant, a snack bar, a fitness center and an indoor swimming pool.

For a discounted rate at The Founders Inn for BASH participants, call our Group Rooms Coordinator, Elle Sandin, directly at 757-366-5723.

Virginia Beach and Chesapeake, being tourist destinations, have dozens of motels and hotels to choose from. You will find most of the typical national chains are all represented in the area. It is suggested participants, if not staying on campus, stay in the Greenbrier Parkway area.


Registration includes a box lunch from Jason's Deli.