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Speakers Bureau

Speakers are listed in alphabetical order and are current faculty at the School of Business & Leadership. Please contact the speaker directly to discuss topic(s), availability and honorarium, as the school does not handle schedules or honorarium rates.

Corné Bekker, D.Litt. et Phil.
Associate Professor

Topics: Spirituality and Leadership; African Forms of Leadership; Biblical Perspectives in Leadership; Hermeneutics; Franciscan History and Theology; Christian Spirituality; Formation and Discipleship

Contact:, 757.352.4193



Mihai Bocarnea, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Program Director, Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership

Topics: Organizational Change; Servant/Resonant Leadership; Knowledge Management;
Leadership and Cross-cultural/International Communication; Fundraising and Development
for Nonprofits

Contact:, 757.352.4726



Paul Carr, Ed.D.
Associate Professor

Contact:, 757.352.4726



Tim Drake, Ph.D.
Adjunct Professor

Topics: Confident Communication; Essentials for Effective Leadership in the 21st Century; How to Handle Annoying People

Contact:, 954.801.2793



Dail Fields, Ph.D.

Topics: International Management; Leadership Assessment; Cross-cultural Leadership; Organizational Development; Supervisor Development

Contact:, 757.352.4091



Jay Gary, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Topics: Moving Toward Future Management; Corporate Foresight & Innovation Management; Framing Patterns of Change; Best Practices of Strategic Leadership; Designing Training for Foresight Professionals; Leading Scenario Planning; Future Proof your Organization, Business, Ministry, or Church; Conducting Trend Analysis; Business as Mission; Global Futures; Missional Church; Ministry Futures

Contact:, 757.352.4550



David Gyertson, Ph.D.
Past President and Distinguished Professor

Topics: Executive Coaching; Leadership Renewal; Leadership and Organizational Transition Management; Spiritual Formation for Leaders; Stress Management Strategies; Leadership and Family Priorities; Biblical Perspectives on Work and Vocation; Change Management; Strategic Planning for Nonprofit Entities; Nonprofit Board Training and Development; Leadership Evaluation; Leadership Recruitment, Selection, and Retention for Nonprofits; Executive Team Building Strategies for Nonprofits.

Contact:, phone: 757.352.4535, fax: 757.352.4634



Michael Hartsfield, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Contact:, 757.352.4609



Gail Longbotham, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Topics: Teams; Team Effectiveness; Followers; Consequences of Ideas; Spirituality and Leadership; Using Statistics as a Leadership Tool

Contact:, 425.945.0034



Gary W. Oster, DSL
Associate Professor

Topics: Innovation and Corporate Competitiveness; Technology Utilization; Metrics and Organizational Effectiveness; Small Business Management

Contact:, 757.352.4877



Bramwell Osula, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Topics: Consulting; Coaching and Mentoring Networks; Organizational Change; Youth Leadership; Global Leadership; Minorities in Leadership; Transformational Leadership

Contact:, 757.352 4798



Kathleen A. Patterson, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Topics: Servant Leadership; Love and Humility in Organizations; The Five Exemplary Leadership Behaviors; The Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI) from Kouzes and Posner

Contact:, 757.352.4765



Timothy Redmer, Ph.D.

Contact:, 757.352.4360



Greg Stone, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
SIFE Faculty Advisor

Contact:, 757.352.4367



Bruce E. Winston, Ph.D.
Dean and Associate Professor of Leadership Studies

Topics: Leadership; Servant Leadership; Followership; Values-based leadership; Innovation; Problem-solving; Conflict Resolution

Contact:, 757.352.4306