Course Requirements
Certificate of Graduate Studies in Leadership

Students must complete a total of 15 credit hours as follows:

  • 12 credit hours of core courses
  • 3 credit hours of culminating experience

Required Courses [15 credits]



Information Research & Resources


LMOL 601

Foundations of Leadership: History, Theory, Application & Development


LMOL 602

Organizational Development: Consulting, Design, Intervention & Evaluation


LMOL 604

Motivation, Teams, Coaching & Mentoring


LMOL 605

Organizational Communication, Conflict Resolution & Negotiation


LMOL 609

Culminating Experience


The maximum time frame for completing the program is five years; however, we have seen many students complete the program within a much shorter period of time. The CGS leadership development program is a 15-credit-hour graduate level certificate designed to enhance a person's leadership abilities and provide practical application of values-based leadership within a variety of organizations. This leadership development program is perfect for professional development and is comprised of four core courses of the M.A. in Organizational Leadership program, a library information research course and a 3-credit-hour culminating experience.

Students who complete the certificate program and who desire to continue their studies are welcome to apply for acceptance into the M.A. in Organizational Leadership program. An additional 18 semester hours of coursework is required to complete the M.A. in Organizational Leadership.