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The beautiful Virginia Beach campus of Regent, a premier Christian university that is offering $4,000 Homeschool Scholarships.

$4,000 Homeschool Scholarship


High-quality education begins at home and continues at Regent University. Regent is offering a $4,000 Homeschool Scholarship to all new on-campus, undergraduate students who graduate from a homeschool program.


Regent’s $4,000 Homeschool Scholarship reflects our dedication to providing world-class, Christ-centered education at an affordable price. The scholarship provides free aid in the amount of $4,000 toward tuition at Regent University – $1,000 per year, for up to 4 years, for all new on-campus, undergraduate students who were homeschooled and graduated as a homeschool student.


Regent University is homeschool-friendly, providing flexible admissions for homeschool students. Niche’s 2021 Best Colleges ranking placed Regent University among the best colleges in the nation for its campus, dorms, safety, degree programs, diversity, and student life. Regent University was also ranked the #1 best college in Virginia by Best Value Schools.


To homeschooling families, we applaud your dedication to freedom and to excellent, values-based education. You have created a strong educational foundation, and we will faithfully build upon that foundation at Regent. To claim your $4,000 Homeschool Scholarship, simply call 888.718.1222 or submit the form below.

**NOTE: If you have already inquired, applied, or been admitted and are interested in ‘claiming’ an award, please email our team at or call 888.718.1222 instead of submitting form below.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Graduating/graduated from a homeschool high school (homeschool transcripts provided to admissions for verification of eligibility).
  • Admitted to a degree-seeking program for undergraduate, on-campus study starting in the upcoming fall semester.
  • Renewable annually, for up to 4 years, as long as the student retains a cumulative GPA of 2.00 or higher.
  • Award is divided evenly into the Fall and Spring semesters and requires fulltime enrollment to qualify for payment.
  • Award can be combined with other University provided awards up to the cost of tuition.