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Regent University Royals Shine

Royals Shine


In 1978, Regent University’s first 77 students assembled in Virginia Beach, Virginia in answer to a calling to change the world for Christ. They couldn’t predict the future, but they knew that faith could change it for the better. A glimmer of light was kindled in a world desperately needing healing and hope. Today, our Regent Royal community of 13,000 students—and over 30,000 graduates—is shining brightly in all 50 states and over 130 countries throughout the world.

Regent, powered by God and focused on people, is a powerful channel of light and champion for Christian Leadership to Change the World.

Together, with God-sized vision and faith, we can shine light in the darkness by equipping the next generation of Royals to innovate and excel in their field. More importantly, we can prepare these emerging leaders to be living examples of healing and hope. Join us in illuminating the world for Christ by making your gift today.

Just like the 77 initial Regent University trailblazers whose light has guided thousands more, will you be a beacon for Christian Leadership to Change the World?