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An endowed scholarship utilizes the interest earned on a gift to fund each scholarship.

Donor Funded Scholarships

“I appreciate your giving with all my heart and pray that God blesses you mightily!”

– Rebekah Pepper, School of Undergraduate Studies, 2010

An endowed scholarship provides an ongoing gift that places the donor’s funds in an investment and utilizes the interest earned to fund each scholarship. The amount of the scholarship to be awarded is determined by the donor and may be established to cover a percentage of a student’s tuition or to meet comprehensive needs, including stipends for living expenses. You can establish a new endowed scholarship with an investment of $25,000 or more. A full-tuition scholarship is made possible with an endowed fund of $350,000 or more.

You may also contribute to a previously established endowed scholarship in order to increase the principal of the fund, producing more income for scholarship distribution. Regent University currently supports over 90 endowed scholarships.