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Annual Giving

The faithful gifts of our alumni and friends make a tremendous difference in the life of our university and the future of our students. Maintaining a strong Regent University Annual Fund helps us attract and retain the best faculty, provide support to our many student-life programs, add resources to our classrooms and libraries, and continue the upkeep of our campus.

Did you know?

  • Tuition and fees paid by a student cover only about 52 percent of the cost of their Regent education. We make up the difference through additional sources of revenue in order to stave off tuition increases for our students. Without the financial support that comes from our alumni and friends through annual giving, the average student’s tuition bill would increase dramatically, keeping many deserving students from pursuing their Regent education.
  • Annual giving by our alumni is a key measure of alumni support that affects our ability to qualify for grant awards from foundations and corporations. This key measurement also affects our ranking in such prominent publications as U.S. News & World Report and among educational preparation companies including The Princeton Review.
  • Annual giving also reduces our need to draw from our endowment, assuring that we secure the long-term future of the university.

Please join us in supporting our students by making your gift to Regent University’s Annual Fund today.

Your gift, together with the gifts of fellow alumni and friends, provides our students with the resources they need to enhance their educational experience at Regent.

For example:

  • 10 gifts of $50 can continue a subscription to a noted academic journal.
  • 8 gifts of $35 can provide comprehensive testing services to a member of our local community through the School of Psychology & Counseling’s Psychology Services Center.
  • 25 gifts of $75 can allow a student in the School of Divinity to participate in a foreign short-term mission trip.
  • 25 gifts of $200 can fund a much-needed research grant for a faculty member.
  • 20 gifts of $250 can provide a new editing work station for film students in the School of Communication & the Arts.
  • 10 gifts of $500 can provide new online research services for our law library.
  • 10 gifts of $1,500 can allow our Enactus team to participate in national competitions.