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Learn about Regent's one-week study-abroad tour to Israel.

Hebrew University Study Abroad

Regent University is partnering with the Rothberg International School of The Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Israel to offer a unique and highly sought-after study abroad opportunity.  Take advantage of this challenging academic program designed for highly motivated undergraduate students. Hebrew university offers a variety of courses in English from a full range of majors. Explore Israel’s rich and vibrant culture through field trips and social activities. Internship opportunities with Israeli private companies, public institutions, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are available but not required. This program can help prepare you for your future career or continuing studies.

You’ll be invited to participate in a wide array of trips, tours, and activities offered by the Office of Student Life, including a tour of the Old City, a trip to the Dead Sea, and festivals that are held throughout the year. Build your own unique impressions and memories of Jerusalem and Israel. You’ll live on the Mount Scopus Campus with other international, Israeli, and other Regent University students, giving you a chance to form new friendships and get involved in campus and Israeli life. A team of multilingual Israeli students, called madrichim, are also there to help you adjust to your new surroundings and give you tips on things to do.

  • View the HebrewU study abroad page to determine your semester and dates of study (fall or spring).
  • Start the semester online with a 1 credit hour Study Abroad Orientation Course through Regent University. PRAC 300 provides students with important information and skills needed for a successful study abroad experience.
  • Once you arrive in Israel you will start a Pre-Semester Course at Hebrew University along with all of the other study abroad students.  This on-campus pre-semester course at Hebrew University is meant to orient you to your new learning environment.
  • Begin your Semester at Hebrew University.  Each study abroad student is required to take a minimum of 15 credit hours of courses taught in English at Hebrew University during the spring semester.

Important Note: The semester abroad at Hebrew University is based on different calendar dates than those at Regent University. Regent University students who participate in this program will not be permitted to take courses in the summer immediately following the study abroad experience due to the calendar overlap.

Students must apply through Regent University to study abroad at Hebrew University. Students must meet the following requirements:

  • Must have a cumulative GPA of 3.7 or higher
  • Must have completed at least one undergraduate year of study (earned 30 or more credits)
  • Must be in good financial standing with Regent University and have a clear conduct record

Students must apply by the start date of the semester prior to their semester abroad (i.e. for those studying in Spring 2024, the application must be submitted on or before the first day of the Fall 2023 semester). Applicants who meet initial eligibility criteria will be interviewed by Regent faculty and staff as part of the final section process.

  • Upon acceptance into the program, students must work with designated Regent University faculty and staff to determine what courses they will register for at Hebrew University in accordance with requirements in their Regent University degree plan.
  • View the HebrewU courses taught in English. 
  • View the HebrewU RIS courses and get to know HebrewU’s RIS faculty members
  • For more information about in Jerusalem visit the HebrewU study abroad page.
  • Students will pay Regent University for the total student cost of attending the academic semester abroad, including tuition, fees, and housing. Students will stay in student housing at Hebrew University. Hebrew University student housing cannot accommodate families for study abroad students.
  • Towards the tuition costs, every student accepted into the program will receive scholarship from Hebrew University. The scholarship for the semester only is $3,000; with pre-semester orientation course, it is $4,000. Other scholarships may be available from Hebrew University by application. Students can speak with the College’s Study Abroad Coordinator about additional scholarship opportunities.
  • Regent University students are required to work with the Financial Aid department to discuss aid eligibility for the experience.
  • Federal Financial Aid can be used to cover the costs; however, Regent University discounts or scholarships cannot be applied.
  • Regent University students must obtain a passport prior to leaving for Israel and work with Hebrew University, upon acceptance into the program, to acquire a student visa.
  • Regent University students must separately cover their own travel insurance fees, passport expenses, transportation costs, textbooks, meals and any incidentals or other expenses while in Israel.