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Students enjoy a color run at Regent, a university that offers a range of student organizations and leadership opportunities.

Assumption of Risk & Release & Indemnification Agreement Form

I understand that Regent University does not and cannot ensure that students’ participation in a program is free from risk. In addition to supervised activities, students may be exposed to risks during both supervised and unsupervised time. I wish to participate in activities at Regent University during the 2023-2024 Academic Year as described below (the “Activities”), and I understand the nature of these Activities and the potential risks involved, including risks of personal injury and death and property damage or loss. I assume sole and full responsibility for my safety during participation in these Activities for the 2023-2024 Academic Year.

In consideration of participation in Regent University activities, I agree as follows:

  1. I will comply with all directions of Regent University officials and staff or student organization leaders before, during, or after participation in the Activities.
  2. I understand that I am responsible to uphold the Standard of Personal Conduct, which is found in the Student Handbook and governs the behavior of Regent students both on and off campus. Additionally, Regent University has the authority to establish rules necessary for the operation of the Activities, and should Regent University decide that an individual must be separated from the Activities because of violation of such rules, for disruptive behavior, or for conduct which could bring the Activities and/or college into disrepute or danger, that decision will be final and without appeal. All loss and expense incurred in the event of the termination of my participation in the Activities must be borne by me. I will bear full responsibility for the Activities termination.
  3. I understand that I will be solely responsible for payment in full of all costs of medical care I may receive during this Activities or as a result of the Activities, and I further understand that Regent University is not responsible for providing me with any form of medical, accident or sickness insurance while I am participating in these Activities. I agree to use my personal medical insurance as the medical coverage if accident or injury occurs.
  4. Should I sustain any personal injury of any kind or any property damage as a result of participation in the Activities, I hereby release, and shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless Regent University and its governing board, faculty members, agents, employees and student organization leaders from any and all liability, claims, actions, injury or harm to me, or from damage to my property. I understand that this Agreement covers liability, claim, and actions caused entirely or in part by any act or failure to act by Regent University (or its board, faculty, employees or agents), including, but not limited to negligence, mistake or failure due to supervise by Regent University. This Agreement covers all aspects of participation in the Activities.
  5. Regent University and its employees and student organization leaders act only in the capacity of Program Planner for the participants in all matters pertaining the Activities and I hold them free of responsibility for any loss, injury or damage to person, property or otherwise in connection with the Activities, or from any causes beyond the control of Regent University and its employees; and Regent University and its employees shall not become liable or responsible for any additional expense or liabilities sustained or incurred by me as a result of any of the foregoing causes.
  6. This Release and Waiver shall be construed under the laws of the commonwealth of Virginia and I agree to submit any claims hereunder or otherwise arising out of the Program to binding arbitration in Virginia Beach, Virginia, under the rules of the American Arbitration Association. Each party shall bear its own expenses in such arbitration.

I have read this entire Agreement. I fully understand it, and I agree to be legally bound by it. No oral representations, statements or inducements have been made with regard to this Agreement or the Activities.

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