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Regent's School of Psychology and Counseling sample budget gives students an estimate of costs.

Cost of Attendance for One Academic Year

The cost of attendance for graduate school is an estimate of what it will cost for you to attend Regent University for one academic year. This includes both direct costs and indirect costs.

Direct costs are the actual price of tuition and fees.

Indirect costs are additional graduate school expenses you are likely to incur as a student. These include books and supplies, personal expenses, living expenses and transportation. Your lifestyle can have a big impact on the cost of a graduate degree at Regent. As you consider how to afford a degree, try to reevaluate your priorities so you can stay within your budget.

Tuition charges each year, plus the living expense budget, constitute a student’s cost of attendance. Total financial aid awarded may not exceed a student’s cost of attendance.

Example of Tuition with Scholarship Discount Budget

Degree ProgramExpected
Credit Hours
Cost Per Credit HourTotal Tuition Before AidAverage Award by ProgramNet Cost Before LoansStafford Loan EligibilityPotential Loan Refund
M.A. in Counseling (Clinical Mental Health, School or Marriage, Couple & Family)24$710$17,040$2,800$14,240$20,500$6,260
M.A. in Human Services Counseling30$595$17,850$2,400$15,450$20,500$5,050
M.S. in General Psychology30$650$19,500$2,400$17,100$20,500$3,400
Ph.D. in CES18$850$15,300$2,850$12,450$20,500$9,130
Psy.D. Program34$850$28,900$4,900$24,000$37,167$15,207

Full-time Enrolled Student Studying On Campus

 Three Terms (11 months)
(Spring, Summer & Fall)
Books & Supplies$1,350
Room & Board$9,600
Personal Expenses$3,850
Loan Fees$250
Academic Fees$1,110

Campus students should plan to work part-time while in the program, which would provide approximately a $6,500 income annually.

Full-Time Enrolled Student Studying Online

 Three Terms (11 months)
(Spring, Summer & Fall)
Books & Supplies$1,350
Loan Fees$250
Academic Fees$750
Living Expenses & Transportation Vary by Student and Location